FFVII Cloud & Fenrir set review

From SMB:

Just finished it: http://www.buzzscope.com/toys

So whatcha’ think?

$300… It’s a dope collectable, but daym. :shake:
(I might actually still get it.)

Lame. They’d better release that outside of the super box set dammit.

It’s worth getting the set…though it is like $500 at least now.

You wont find the new print of the game anywhere else, and they look very nice! If you’re not that hardcore or deeply in love with VII, then waiting for a seperate release is your best bet.

What about that link it said? The place selling the figure for $75? That’s a decent price for the figure on it’s own.

sephiroth is only 20 bucks >=[

Yeah, but he only comes as a standard figure. No extra cool bike to rule all bikes with such lucious paint work.

Actually be glad he’s $20, hes like 18 here, which is well over $20 which is totally unfair for us! That and Forbidden Planet never get enough stock, the damn punks!

From what i’ve heard, there will be a seperate US release for Cloud and Fenrir and will set you back around $80 (more if you live in the UK, obviously, dammit). However, I haven’t seen it advertised in Diamond’s Previews yet.

The only one I have so far is Sephiroth but it looks amazing. I’m stilled pretty pissed at the fact there won’t be a single release of Cloud Strife on his own at a reasonable price.

Good news for FFVIII fans though, Rinoa is an upcoming figure