FG habits and quirks


So i was just wondering what physical habits people have when they are playing Fighting games.

Generally whenever i play i feel like there are certain buttons i have to press before the match begins, I’m really ocd about this. As a kid before every match of Super smash bros on the n64 id just mash the start button in, broke a couple buttons this way actually. Also before each match of ae begins i like to press the button combination mp, mk, lp, hp, lk, hk. That sequence just gives off good vibes…
I also pull up my pant legs whenever i lose an intense round, and pull my pant legs back down when the next round ends (i don’t even do this consciously, seriously its just instinct now). Also whenever i get super salty i have to get up and punch the air as hard as i can until I’m too tired to be angry.
Lately I’ve started to burn incense to, usually light a stick up right before the start of the first game i play. yomi is 4x stronger now.

EDIT: As long as I’m playing alone i play without clothes on


I jerk off while playing. Stick per hand.


Everytime I get a long hit like say a super or get an ultra with animation or seths multi-kick
I press buttons and match the rhythm of whats going on.
I do the same when I throw others or get thrown if it’s a multi hit throw.

I drum :hp::mp::lp:on knockdown, not always though only when the situation calls for it


cigarette after every tournament match to chill out


I have a few strange superstitions at FGC events.
When selecting Yuri in KoF XIII with her short character select quote. If that plays, I back out of color select and try again as many times as necessary. One guy I was playing with caught on and asked me sarcastically if I was putting in cheat codes.
I will never go to an event without 2 32oz bottles of lemon-lime Gatorade and a roll of fruit Mentos. Like seriously, they should be cutting me a check at this point.
The two times I’ve ever heard anyone say something to the effect of, “now go clean up losers and we can meet in grand” after someone knocks a friend out of the winners bracket they were immediately eliminated in their next match, so I believe that phrase in that context to be cursed.


I don’t know if it’s habit or quirk but, When playing against my friend Alex in games like Tekken and Soul Calibur I tend to lose…a lot and just lose interest in even trying as these are two games I don’t have the chance of playing on any regular basis thus can’t really improve on. So when I give up I play with only one hand ignoring the D-pad all together…then I win for some inexplicable reason.


When cornered in Vsav, I always just jump up and do a MK, then go for a Ground dash mixup with jedah Everyone keeps falling for it for some reason.


I always wiggle my left fingers whenever I flub a move.


I have this weird habit of solely playing good FGs, I’m not sure what’s wrong with me.


Lately, I’ve been having a problem where my right hand presses a button a little earlier before my left hand finishes a command. Happens a lot when I play KOFXIII, and it’s hampered my execution. Could it be mid-20s crisis?

In a 2 out of 3 set, if it’s 1-1 and we’re in losers, I always panic when the opponent’s at match point. I can’t help it, and it’s gotten me eliminated countless times.

When playing against a pro player, I’m driven to play better than usual.

I forget that I have a projectile sometimes.


I seem to pull on my pant leg for some reason.


I scratch my nose a lot.


Whenever I do something cool I always pace my room for no reason. I still don’t understand why. Maybe too much contained excitement.


I’m glad I’m not the only one that does this.


Same here.


Oh i definitely do that…combined with shit talk and “LESSS GOOO”'s


I tend to tap my buttons for every hit no matter what. When I do something like an HK.Dankyakyu, I tap the HK three times for each hit. Shisso Buraiken, I tap it for every hit during the cutscene.

I also obsessively wipe my joystick clean. I always carry a container with a microfiber cloth and electronic cleaning wipes.


Same here dude, even if there aren’t any smudges on my stick i still wipe that shit down xd. Sometimes i actually play with the cloth on the stick under my left hand, that way I’m wiping/playing simultaneously.




I almost never use my index finger when I play games on arcade sticks.