FG history: Stance characters - Who did it first?



I’m new and this is my first topic, been lurking for a while.
I’m very interested in the “who did it first” aspect of fighting games, the history of fighting games if you want.

My question is : Stance-based characters , which fighting game introduced the concept ?

I’m not sure if it’s Tekken (with Xiaoyu) or Virtua Fighter (Lion)



Eh…It seems it would be Leon (although i dont know anything about how he plays). For tekken its Lei Wulong in tekken 2 and Gen in alpha 2 for SF.


I would guess it would be Shun di in vf2 with sit down, vf2 came out in 1994 the only one i think that would possibly precede him is yoshimitsu in tekken 1

EDIT it can’t be yoshimitsu tekken came out a month after vf2 so i would say shun di with sit down and handstand
Lion didn’t have no stances till vf5


Thanks for the answers, I completely ignored shun di.

Yes it seems shun di’s stances are the first instances of the mechanic in a fighting game.


Well it’s one i remember off the top of my head, i’m trying to think of other’s in 2d games, the only one i can think of is the snes game by human called tae kwon do, but i dont remember if you get different moves when changing stance, you might wanna look into it