FG Scene in Tacoma, Seattle, etc

I’m likely relocating to Washington in a few months. Either Tacoma, Seattle or some city/area in its “network”. Not sure I’m making sense. Anyway, if all goes well I’ll be there for work while I stay with some peoples. Where I currently live is a “black zone” of nothingness for any kind of fun, and I want a change of scenery. Not that anyone cares.

So, what’s the Washington scene like? I play anything. My main games are Injustice, UMvC3, Tekken Tag 2, Dead or Alive 5u, and SSBM. I want to play other games though eventually like P4A (might be dead though), SSBB/Project M, Guilty Gear, BlazBlue and that new one that just came out a while ago. What I’m saying is, if it’s a fighting game, I’ll give it a go several times at least. Just a bit of warning in advance. I’m free at these games since I have no one to practice with. My only understanding is research on-line and observation of the videos I watch on YouTube.

“But you can’t watch and expect to know how to work the real thing!”

I agree, which is why I warned you in advance that I suck. I’m willing to work to get better though, and that’s why I’m posting this.

TL; DR: Interested-yet-free FGer looking to meet some people in a few months when I move. Is there a scene in these places at all? So far it looks like the answer is no, but I’ll let the people that live tell me if I’m right or wrong.

There is a good scene, but not one posts on this board anymore.

You can find events and meet up on the facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/144680008921676/

Thanks for replying. Um, I did attempt to join once and wasn’t approved. I just put in for a second request. My name in John Applestaub, in case you’re wondering what name my Facebook is under.

If there is a good scene, why does no one post here? This is kind of the go-to fighting game forum, no?

Everyone moved to Facebook for the Northwest.

What other groups are there? I know it’s not just the one you linked me to. The one that I haven’t been accepted in yet.

Wassup Seattle. Hows the scene at game works? Went to check it out tonight but sadly it was a dead night. Is it more popular during the weekend? Lemme know. I’m here for a few weeks

r.i.p arcade scene

The arcade scene isn’t totally dead. We still show up to Gameworks Thursday nights ($10 time cards on Thursdays). Plus a lot of the arcade gamers play Street Fighter 2 at the Another Castle arcade in Edmonds and at 8bit arcade in Renton. I’m looking for a spot with ST but haven’t seen a cab anywhere yet…

Honestly if you want to play any current fighter (USF4, KOF 13, TT2, MvC3, etc.) you’ll have to show up to Gameclucks in Lynnwood on Thursdays. I just wish Gameclucks would change their weekly tournaments to Friday so I can show up to Gameworks and Gameclucks :frowning:

SF2 cab at 8bit is disappointing… lol

Does anybody throw a sesh down in South King County?

8-Bit Arcade is OK but I don’t spend a lot of time down there for a reason. It’s just not up to par.
Sadly the arcade scene isn’t what it used to be. I guess that’s the same everywhere. I used to be able to gather at any major mall and find something decent. I remember there being a few games at Dorky’s in Tacoma (don’t remember which ones). For more rare fighters, the arcade at the Federal Way Commons has a few (used to have more but downsized recently). Gameworks is always dead when I go, unless it’s PAX weekend or something. Then it’s way too crowded.

South King doesn’t have much, but then again we never used to either.

The Facebook tip above is probably the best bet. There are a LOT of NW groups on Facebook. EG-
Seattle Foot Clan, Seattle Tekken, etc.

Went to Dorky’s about 2 weeks ago. they have MVC2, CE, MK1, MK2, UMK3 (broken), and lots of 80s games and pinballs. EDIT: The B&I has Japanese ST, SF4 2012 arcade edition

i’m gonna be down there in like 2 weeks.
i was hoping for some games maybe a ride when i arrive on plane.
i’ll help with gas money.

Just saw this thread again. Did you go?

There are regular sessions at Gameworks now but not on arcade. Go on Tuesday’s and there will be people playing on console setups.

Use the money you would spend on an arcade and buy a burger. It keeps the place running. Much better arrangement.