FG "World Warrior Tournament" Dream Teams

What if the community was to put together a tournament where teams of the very best players from nations around the globe competed against each other? Not like the typical but a sort of fighting game Olympics where the world decides who is truly the best country in each game? This would be sweet. Of course, there is evo, but I don’t think it’s organized like this, it’s more or less based around individuals.

So… What would be your ream team for your respective country/games and others? Post! Maybe we can put this thing together!

Well here I go…
American SF OG team: Watson, Choi, Ohira, Jeff. Ohira x Daigo ftw. Epicness right there.

“New Blood” American SF Team: (Almost or at og skill but a little newer to the scene): Valle, Jwong, Nica K.O. (“The Aamzing Three” lol.)

Daigo, Ohnuki, Mago, Mutekiguile (ST only), RX (3s), Hayao (3s), Flameboy/Dragonboy (SF4), Komoda (ST).

I dunno about other countries. So post!

I think we should just have FG Community Vale Tudo matches irl.

Martial Art Tiers?