FGC Beats


Listen to FGC Beats by Wolf-Sama #np on #SoundCloud

Here, have some beats.

I started Rappin over my own beats

Why is it that every time a new Capcom Fighter comes out…someone has to drop their lame ass beats here?


You sound mad, and I actually just never found the time to put them here.


nice beat



Can we make a shitty super thread for these guys


Funny, I had the same thought.

Get out of my head.


Didn’t click the play button. Thing is we get people like you all the time that don’t hang out around here so nobody knows or gives a shit about you. Then you remember you have a sleeper account here and try to come shill your music on us to try and get a fol;owing going. I was just in another thread exactly like this maybe 15 minutes ago. Though you get a cookie because the last retard didn’t even bother linking the song.

Look at it like this. You’re walking to the corner store to get some Doritos or some shit. On the way you are accosted by a sketchy man who shoves a CD in your face and says “Motherfucker take this shit and listen to it. It’s fucking hot dude.”. Chances are you’re gonna tell him to get away from you and ditch the CD in the nearest trash can. But if your good friend says “Hey man I’m trying to get into making chiptunes can you give a listen and give me some feedback?”, you’re probably gonna listen a bit.

GD regulars are the good friends.
You are the sketchy man handing out CD’s.




Too late. The beats in his head.


Didn’t listen, I came here just to post this






Take a lesson from someone who actually knows how to make good FGC beats:

“I-It’s not like I c-can’t stop thinking about you or anything! B-Baka!”