FGC club at CSU East Bay Hayward? Any FGC people there?


Hello everyone! so I think this is my first thread I actually made on here. Woot. Anyways I am wondering is there anybody out there in the SRK forums that goes to East Bay Hayward? I am a new transferring student and coming to the school this fall and I been thinking of making a FGC club. I recently found out today that Hayward has a gaming area which they called the Game Zone with PS3’s and Xbox 360’s. I am looking into possibly having a club in the Game Zone area to play fighting games. I also been thinking of setting up a stream, if all things goes well, for the club and everyone else that is curious to watch. I may or may not get some trolling in here, or less then kind words, but it would be pretty cool to start something like this at the campus.


you should check here:



thanks. Is there a way I can send this thread to the Pacific North thread?

Update: Nvm just remade this thread in that section. You can close this one if you can. thanks!