FGC conspiracy theories

So conspiracy theories in the fighting game community lol. not really a new subject, im sure a thread was made before, but what happened today (read the tweets below) prompted me to create this.

I have heard it all from triforce already and some other people here and there but this dude sounds like the 2nd coming of triforce with the way hes just making shit up.

"I find it funny how Madoff scammed west coast Hollywood people. Now we have EVO Madoff. And the sheep still follow. Spineless"

so… whats the craziest theories you guys have heard? hopefully not just some stream monster fan fiction shit.

Bar fights.

My favorite is that everyone on SRK is black.

…Or are they?

SRK forums never load 'cause Popeyes is always running DDoS attacks on the servers to herd the angry FGC mob into their restaurants. True story.

Jago x Mike Ross

Never Forget

Sabin is our hero for exposing their lies.

FGC Illuminati

they plan and control events

A thread dedicated to babbling twitter bullshit…okay.



whhhhhhy the fuck was melee in my wii when they won?

well, surely nothing could possibly go wrong in a thread like this.

JamesMK is like a white triforce, i swear.

madden at $60 a year is a hidden tax on black people.

Oh, wait FGC related?
Here’s the biggest one:.Madcatz sticks contain secret food additives. That’s why the more you use them the more weight you gain. Don’t just take my word for it, watch some old vids and see how skinny we all were five years ago.

it’s not a conspiracy, it’s a popularity contest. Go with the most popular mode of thought and you won’t be disillusioned when it magically happens despite contrary evidence. DUH

What are you? Schizo?!

SRK…this is where miracles happen on a regular basis.

…God damn that man …that dude is making his entire community looking like laughing stocks.

Why give these people attention? What good do you think comes of giving these people the time of day versus politely ignoring them and moving on with your life? Seems like doing awesome stuff is a way better use of time as opposed to being a random internet tool.

Illuminati and MK people rigging brackets exposed!


Their point is that the “awesome” comes at the expense of others.

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with either end, I’m doing what everyone refuses to do when it comes to things like this, be objective. Whether that objectivism appears to placing blame on either side of the matter isn’t on me.

Also, yes I know no one asked me to. But objective doesn’t work at whim. It just is so.

There was stuff that happened with MK last year? What the hell is CD Jr. talking about?

Aaaaand some time later Mike Ross gets hired by IGN as their “FGC ambassador” so clearly FGC doesn’t care being lied to.

Is there a TL;DW version?