FGC in Aberdeen, WA?


I just recently moved to Hoquiam, WA and was wondering if there was a FGC in the Aberdeen/Hoquiam area.


I’m sorry to hear that


Ha ha ha, but really… is there no one around?


Olympia is going to be your best bet. Come meet us at Olympic Cards & Comics on Thursday nights, 6 pm to midnight. We have a pretty solid player base in multiple games.

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Hey there Grimm… yeah, I went there a couple of times when I was living in Lakewood and played with Vince and Kevin. Was just wondering if there is a place out here in Aberdeen.


Oh! Yeah, you and I met. I’m the Bison player. As far as I know, though, Aberdeen I’d assume is a barren wasteland.

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Hoquiam had some decent players once upon a time. Lopez and I are both from there. (Those are unrelated statements)

I think your best bet if you are serious about finding some people to play with is to go to Grays Harbor Community College and make a physical post on an actual community board there. Their campus is less ghetto now and the school year is just starting, I’m sure they have some interested people walking around campus.


Nice. I’m taking classes there, will have to check that one out.