FGC In Säo Paulo Brazil?



Im from sweden and I am visiting my relatives in Brazil Säo Paulo. Since I am a member in the swedish FGC and like to play in tournaments I decided to look if there is a FGC here in Säo Paulo during my stay here. Is there any place in säo paulo where you have sessions and play every week? I looked at a website called portalversus.com but with no luck. I even visited the facebook page for portal versus and asked for an adress or something in both portoguese and english. Maybe Im looking in the wrong places? If anyone here can help me and welcome a foreigner like me to visit your FGC I will gladly do it! I play SF4, 3s and super turbo.

I will check here every now and than too see if there are any replies. I dont know where to look anymore I dont find any information about where the FGC in Säo Paulo is because I know there is one!

Thanks in advance



Hi, when exactly are you in São Paulo?
by 15/02 and 16/02 one of the biggest events in the year will be ran.
It’s the REVOX, held at X-Revolution LAN house.
the signups are already closed, but I’m sure if you say you’re from overseas, they will manage to put you in.
you can get in touch with organizers right here: https://www.facebook.com/GetReady

this event will prize the champions with plane tickets + signup for Evo2014.
there’s about US$ 10,000 in prizes and probably tournaments for SSFIV and UMvC3 with full 128 people brackets.

If you’re here in this date, don’t miss it.

in the same venue, every week, there’s two small get togethers and tournaments.
the FNF (Friday Night Farofa) and the Get Ready street fighter league (on saturdays)
you can find LOTS of very competent players there.