FGC is full of rapist scumbags

Aris when he’s not busy raping women at Fighting Game events:

Shout Outs to Dynasty Warriors

Did you form an opinion about someone you saw on the TV?

Good for you. We’re all proud.

inb4 close

See, this is why we can’t have nice things.

I can see the resemblance.


had to do it

So if Aris is Dong Zhuo, that means Miranda is Diao Chan?

That does look like Aris tho.

Exactly one half of that description is correct.

who might lu bu be

Dude, I love events on reality TV being blown out of proportion.

All you fucks need to get a goddamn head on your shoulders.

I think the guy who kept trolling the SG forum was spamming that image. It’s probably that guy again.

So who did Aris rape?

Nobody, he was being a creep.

As far as reality tv goes, this was pretty tame.


Aris, the sexual predator’s official theme.

think the OP’s thread title is controversial enough?
if you do, call
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Look man, I don’t want any trouble ok? All I did was post an image, I don’t want you trying to sexually assault me alright? I heard what you FGC types do to people who don’t submit…

Think before you create a thread.