FGC Teams/Clans


This may be a stupid question (might even offend some people), but are there any FGC clans for this game. I’ve primarily only played Starcraft competitvely and Halo in high school (lol) and being on a team really amped up my game. I’ve searched Google for the past hour, and have found literally nothing.

Without a team, I just don’t see how I can get better at this game…

P.S. I can only really go to local tournaments, there’s no “practice” scene here in Vancouver.


It’s not really a clan-based game like other genres, since there’s so much focus on individual improvement and accomplishment.

If you have local tournaments, then that must mean you have somewhat of a local scene near you. That can be your “team” as long as you can keep organized, get to know the other members of your community, and start organizing some casuals sessions.


I just though it might have clans like Starcraft. You can’t play that on a team really, but there’s still endless clans. Playing randoms online with no mics can only get me so far.

By local tournaments I mean at least 1 hour away. Also most of them don’t speak any English.


Get that E-Sport out of here~!

Fighting game has always been an one man army kind of deal. Sure, we have sponsored teams (EG, eLive, MadCatz, DMG, CafeID), but all team members eventually face off in a tournament. There is no avoiding it.

I think what you meant is finding a training partner, then there are plenty ways to find them online and offline.


I understand what you mean by clans, believe me, I originally came from competitive PC. But that’s not really done for fighting games.

Your best bet is to either make friends at your local tournament, search the local matchmaking section of these forums in order to find competition that lives closer to you, or make friends on forums, XBL, and PSN, that are around your skill level with good internet connections, that can help level you up.


LOL…but kinda true. This is a genre whose roots…not to sound corny…are much more out in the pavement than in the dorm rooms/living rooms/lan centers. There are groups/crews/cliques to play with, but it’s regional, which means you have to walk outside and go somewhere and congregate with actual human beings. Online player rep doesn’t mean a whole lot to anybody in this community (and stay away from anyone that thinks it does).

So two other things:

Check out the Canadian Regional Board for sessions and tournaments going on in Vancouver. Being in a major area, you’re bound to hook up with at least one group of players that practice once a week.

The other, I’m shuffling this over to the Saikyo Board. Good luck!


There’s lots of teams out there that are really just glorified clans as much as they’d like to be on the same level as legitimate pro teams. There’s nothing stopping you from starting one with your friends.


I think your best bet is to join some kind of community team, not some professional team unless you end up winning a major.