FGD Guidelines, aka The Angry Mod Thread - READ BEFORE POSTING

The Brand New Angry Mod Thread, aka “Don’t do this stupid shit or get temp banned”

The old thread is getting old and long, and it’s apparant that the noobs aren’t reading the whole thing.

Before we start, I want to make one thing clear. READ A THREAD BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY POST IN IT. If you see a thread with a few hundred posts in it, chances are you’re not going to be adding something that hasn’t been said before. Save yourself the trouble and READ IT.

For those of you that don’t like reading for some reason


1. Discussion on how to acquire illegal copyrighted material(roms, bootleg movies, albums, games, torrents of currently available DVDs) will result in an immediate PERMANENT ban. That includes posts consisting of “PM that shit down” and the like, providing links, etc.

2. Threads about Evo/Tourney Results/looking for local comp will be locked on sight and the thread creator is awarded an infraction for not noticing that we have Tourney, Evo, and Regional Matchmaking forums further down the dropdowns and main forum page.

3. Anything regarding Evo DVDs/trailers(the infamous “what’s the song in the EVO trailer???” thread) will be locked on sight. There’s an Evo board for a reason.
(the current discussion on Tourney DVD production is the only exception)

4. Threads requesting so-and-so vid will be locked, infractions for the creator. There’s more than enough vid sites out there that you don’t need to come to SRK and ask. Here’s some to start you off:

Combo Videos


Preppy’s site MvC2

SF Vids

**5.**Just like I said before the rest of the rules, if I see a post deep into a heavy discussion thread that consists of “I didn’t read this whole thread because I’m lazy” chances are your post(s) will be deleted until you un-lazy yourself and read the thread. The info isn’t going anywhere, and neither are you. That’s the interesting thing about message boards, the info stays there unless there’s a reason for us to delete it. You have all of forever to read a thread. There’s no reason that you need instant gratification, if you need so and so info for a tourney coming up later today, then shame on you for planning shit at the last minute.

6. Captain Planet/Power Rangers/Chuck Norris/whatever the current troll trend is will not be tolerated in any thread. If any of us find this crap in the threads, those posts will be deleted and the poster will catch a RH kick XX 3 month ban for being a troll.

7. On the troll note, if you open a new account to troll after you’ve been temp banned, you’ll be upgraded to an IP Ban.

8. About Thread Necromancy and the whole “posting something that has been posted before” issue. If you search for what you’re about to post about(and don’t just plug in a few words, try every possible alternate spelling/acronym you think the subject can be shortened to), and the thread(s) you find don’t answer what you’re about to ask, then by all means, resurrect the damn thing. But if you’re posting in there for the sake of posting, I’ll close that shit and delete your post. Simple as that. But please, for the love of God, SEARCH THOROUGHLY FIRST. No more of this “I typed in Third Strike and got nothing” bullshit.

9. If your thread gets closed, don’t post another thread asking why your thread got closed. Take it up with a mod(preferrably the mod that locked it) first. Keep posting angry rants about how the mod shouldn’t’ve closed your thread will get you a 6 month ban. The whole board doesn’t need to know(and usually doesn’t care) about your perceived unfair treatment.

10. “Best Whatever” threads are unnecessary and will be closed on sight. Spam these and you get perm banned.

11. omg teh mk vs sf flash vid 2:wow:

If I see one more thread on this the poster will be banned for 3 months. That should give you enough time to check out all of Newgrounds’ flash vids.

12. Anti-Empire or any anti-SRK/regional clique threads will not be tolerated here. (Don’t take that shit to GD because I don’t want it there either. -Ronin)


NEW14. We have an International section on the Regional matchmaking board. For now on, no regional/matchmaking type posts are allowed here. There’s no reason for it anymore.

This is all for now. Just follow the rules, and we don’t mess with you. Keep the shit on topic, and you don’t get banned.

Thank you,
Your Friendly(?) Neighborhood Angry Mod

All I know is, if there’s another Street Fighter 4 thread again, you’re banned. 'nuff said!

Don’t be a fucking troll, like thepeopleschamp.

That is all.


Step 1: Look at where the “New Thread” button is. Since I know you can find THAT, we will use it as a reference point.

Step 2: Now look at the text above that. That is the description of the board you’re currently on. Remember that in the future for when you’re ready to post something and aren’t sure where it needs to go.

Step 3: Now look at the row of links above THAT. On the far right there’s a link and a quickdrop window for SEARCHING. Quick Search(what the quickdrop box is for) is stupid, so click on Search(<--------THIS IS IMPORTANT).

Step 4: You should end up at the “Search Forums” page. At the top left is the “Search by Keyword” box. Type in what you’re looking for here.

Step 4a: If you’re pretty sure this thing has been discussed before and is probably in a major thread, go down right below the text box and change “Search Entire Posts” to “Search Titles Only”.

Step 5: You should leave everything else default. Click on “Search Now”.

Step 6: Look through your results. ACTUALLY READ THE THREAD. DO NOT SKIM THROUGH IT. If you found what you’re looking for, then DON’T MAKE A NEW POST ON THE TOPIC UNLESS THE PERTINENT THREAD IS CLOSED. If, out of ALL the results you don’t find what you’re looking for, go back to step 4 and use a different known term for what you’re searching for(Looking for Street Fighter 3:Third Strike? Try SF3:3S, or just 3S, or if all else fails MANUALLY SEARCH FOR WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR, possibly in the 3S forums).

Step 7: If after all of this you STILL come up emptyhanded, THEN make a new thread. If the thread you were looking for was closed, look through it and find out WHY it was closed before you post. Stupid shit like the SF vs MK part 2 vid, or the fake CFJ2 vid have been posted several times, and if you find something closed about subjects like that you may want to see exactly why before you end up getting banned for it.

You know what? I find it very funny that a mod from another board has more time to look through the rules that 3/4ths of the posters here.