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I have Fighting Games on my Phone and several controllers, Although I am not the best by a long shot I will have a good time regardless if I win or lose.

Some of these game series installed on emulators are “NEO-GEO Fighting Game Libary,” “Capcom Versus Series,” “Street Fighter Series,” “Darkstalkers Series” and more. But if I try the Japanese versions of the games then I can’t play them in public because of The following Screen Attached at the end of this post. Will I get in trouble for playing the Japanese versions outside of Japan?


@JamesLeeJames well, when you post screenshots like that

all joking aside, that looks like an old game. as someone who used to play beatmania arcade rips on my computer, there’s not really anything they can do unless the arcade game’s got DRM on it. (in beatmania’s case, all the latest installments have mandatory eAmuse logins, or else they don’t even start.)


Did they announce a DLC release date for Eliza?


Imo the fight money system is a sham disguised as good will , keep that mobile game style grinding bs away from this game.


I’m completely on board with the FM system. SFV is a competitive game that you should ostensibly be playing a whole bunch to get better at. The game rewards you with the ability to unlock content as you grind it out and you can take that experience to locals and online events. Skinner box mobile games will get you hooked and then prevent you from playing the game until time has passed or you pony-up real money. SFV is literally the opposite of that. The difference between SFV and Rev 2 is I can unlock Season 2 characters with FM. The Rev 2 upgrade was $20 and the only character you can spend world dollars on is Raven from the Revelator update.

Capcom’s PR is shit, the input lag is fucking atrocious, the base game launched with nearly NO FEATURES, and whoever is directing their VA team needs to stop handing out hits of nitrous before every take- but the FM system is good because it rewards people who bother to play the game- regardless of how you feel about the quality of the content. In return, the company can continue to have an invested playerbase and casuals can drop their lunch money on Pimp Ken.

If you have greivances with DLC in general, I feel you, but don’t go sucking off ASW, NRS, and Bamco for doing the same shit but prettier.


Sango Guardian Chaos Generation (aka best game) is finally available to play on Steam:


I heard once upon a time that the PS2 download of CVS2 on PS3 did receive a patch that decreased the input lag. Can anyone confirm or deny this?


Why yes, a Sango Guardian Chaos Generation wiki exist.


Saw this video on YouTube and thought I’d share. Sft2 turbo on Megadrive/Genesis, a history investigation sort of thing.


This video is one of my lesser performances in Capcom’s Final Fight. Sometimes I even make it to Round 4 without any continues, but I’ve never been able to defeat Abigail (except in Final Fight One for the GBA), and as far as the SNES version (the one with which I am most familiar and is depicted in the video) I’ve only gotten to Abigail once. I thought Final Fight One for the Gameboy Advance was a lot easier due to the option of playing on very easy difficulty.


is there any site like the mmcafe tierlist maker but for showcasing the inputs of combos/moves via graphics?
so that you can drag/drop them and safe them as a image to share it later on?


Aleister Crowley told Israel Regardie that he learned the complete psychological construct of people by playing them in chess. Regardie said that he came to hate chess since Aleister was crushing his spirit in it.

Aleister was/is The Great Beast
Also a master of Yomi in chess…

I wonder why Daigo calls himself The Beast…


I’m just gonna leave this here.


@LittleJimmy1983 It’s ass still


I will be buying SFV:AE, to me it actually feels like a full package now. I’ve honestly never seen the game live or pressed a single button, its launch was abysmal missing even trivial content like stage transitions and gimmicks, adding that stuff in later was just not acceptable to me it was so meaningless to even bother in the first place, and I’m sure as hell not spending my time unlocking the characters in 2.5.

I’m a 100% biased Marvel fan, I bought the Deluxe game, the season pass and the costume pass, I’m really supporting the game I love, and it seems both communities have had to face the same choice this generation, financially supporting an unfinished and flawed product.

Also Soul Calibur 6 will be on my radar, Tekken is cool but I really want to play a 3D game but something different, and I love ring outs, ever since the Virtua Fighter series first started. I think it’s a really good mechanic to force action from a player who just runs, a bit like negative penalty in Guilty Gear, but encouraging action instead of punishing. It adds a certain pressure and element to fighting games that I’ve missed.

And yes I will be buying DBFZ. 2018 is gonna be a good year!


This is such a good chill thread, i loved it here :’)


@“Saotome Kaneda” sorry about all the trouble & stress i caused you over the years lol.


I came across this unique looking fighting game from back in the Sega CD days in the early to mid 90’s. It has absolutely amazing graphics and animation even for today’s standards. I would love to play something like this on my phone.

It’s called Battle Heat!


I just got my Garou MVS cart. Love this game! Wish we’d get an update…


skullgirls is now on android.