FG's with the sloppiest combat systems?

Out of curiosity, which fighting games have some of the sloppiest mechanics out there? Im not just talking shitting fighting games either.

I ask because I tried playing Soul Calibur 4 again since the release of Tekken 6. God dayum does this game suck. I have never played something so makeshift and thrown together in my life.

The game makes a paradox of its system by having so many loopholes that combat becomes inconsistent. In theory, a horizontal mid, cant be ducked, so why can it then be stepped at close range? If throws are high, why can you be thrown out of a while crouching attack?

Not to mention some characters have moves with literally 6 or 7 properties (safe, +frames, tracks, guard crushes, soul gauge damage, pushback, causes mixup, techs high/low, auto gi …etc)

There are plenty of other things that make this game extremely crappy and sloppy I just dont care to list them all. Im wondering do any other fighters have issues like this, and how does it get to this point?


I remember this one game for the old chrome Gameboy called Ninku. I got it in some mash-up which had samurai shodown (the only reason I bought it).

It was absolutely atrocious. Normal Attacks commonly glitched and didn’t behave how you wanted them to. Specials were generally too slow to be of much use, and when you triggered a super move, you had a kind of ‘roulette’ that popped up, meaning you had to randomly choose what super would come out when your bar was full. There was a character who had a counter-move with a 0 frame startup and no lag, meaning he could just stand there and use it repeatedly without being punished. The only good thing about that game was that one of the end bosses was a border collie who knew kungfu.

tekken 4

I dont like how risk/reward for some characters have no balance.

Granted some characters are top tier, but in Soul Calibur some characters pay no price for their mixup, having two safe alternatives. When you guess right, they still cant be punished. What kind of shit is that?

What was the issues of Tekken 4? Other than unleveled stages? I thought that position change was pretty stupid.

That cho aniki fighter also had very bad mechanics apparently. hee hee.

how is marvel not the first one you mention

Throw in DOA3 and SCIII. For some dumb reason I decided to pass the few minutes I had until class playing a few matches with some of the people of my college in SCIII…I can’t believe I even bothered. All the shit that made the game dumb came flooding back to me within the span of a few minutes.

I facepalm anytime I hear one of the idiots from 8wayrun talk about how SCIII or IV is the best in the series. Fucking bullshit.

The main thing I didn’t like about Tekken 4 was the imbalance.

imo, street fighter 4, and super turbo.

super turbo has corny ass super which does not belong in street fighter >2< (i’m cool with supers in other games, but not in SF2!). SF2 is quirky in general too.

Street Fighter 4- ‘mash’ jab, walk back, mash dp, dash back, HUGE stages, no unique jump arcs, and jump back are actually good techniques. jumping around is actually a good thing to do sometimes. I miss the old fighters where doing that will not reward you at all.

Marvel, i wouldn’t say sloppy. I’d say corny. And that’s why it’s fun.

I think you should watch some videos from the team best from now to see some really sloppy fighting games in action. Again search YouTube “team best from now”

sf4. im not being funny to make a point. its decent but its undeniably tthe sloppiest fighter ever to be played seriously. most of the basic system-level shit doesnt work how it should in an sf game.

MVC2. Sloppy as a motherfucker but still very fun.

Haha. I knew when I saw the thread OP and the title SC4 was going to be brought up. And you know what? I’m not even going to bother this time. It’s easy to talk shit on games you don’t actually know how to play.

could you go ahead and enlighten us on it then because i have seen a lot of people say that sc stopped being good after sc2 but i have never seen anyone explain why

since i have not played past sc2 i am curious

We can’t have a sloppiest combat systems thread without mentioning

Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus
Stake Fortune Fighters
War Gods

Fuck you! This game was awesome. It was Tekken 5/6 before they were.

Nah did they fix hilde? She alones makes SCIV corny as fuck she has like a 7-3 or better vs the entire cast unless she gets a wall stage than it’s what? a 6-4? I can play SCIV alright but that shit is just corny.

Honestly Jin RUINS Tekken 4 it is no fun to play AT ALL once someone knows how to play a half assed jin. Oh look this series leads to an unblockable and retarded damage? what? oh look at me LASER SCRAPER!!! Plus he’s good in plenty of other ways.

Sloppiest game goes to most of the vs series except CvS2 that shit is polished, some of it’s pretty fun though.

SFIV from a design standpoint is sloppy as hell, “oh i don’t know how to correct it mr. Ono what do you think we should do?”
“Is the move a dragon punch?”
“Well make sure it has little to no invuln, can’t juggle for shit, is low damage, and punishable as hell”
“ah perfect!”


I honestly find Tekken 6 sloppy as fuck. Oh sure, it’s balanced and I’m willing to believe it’s really deep and competitive at a top level or whatever, but it plays super ugly below that. The movement is stiff as a board, controls have lots of weird shit, move properties are somewhere between random and complete nonsense, input windows and priority are inconsistent from move to move, inputs overlap everywhere, etc.

I nominate MK vs. DC.

  • quite a few characters can combo out of breakers. Green Lantern has a 24% combo out of his and it’s impossible to escape without rage mode.
  • grabs are completely worthless.
  • most projectiles are worthless since they have +1000000 recovery frames and can be sidestepped.
  • The Flash and Superman have the easiest infinites I’ve ever seen in my life, and both can be done from full screen.
  • Rage Mode unblockable combos for insane amounts of damage, like 150%+.
  • The properties of moves literally change between offline and online play, there are also online specific combos and infinites like [media=youtube]ATKXz_2b2Aw&feature=related[/media].
  • Player One advantage.
  • Some of the [media=youtube]ocFuDJEl4gw]dumbest glitches [url=http://www.mortalkombatunited.com/showpost.php?p=102781&postcount=182[/media].

Hilde has many exploitable weaknesses. Even Hilde’s who bind charges. It’s just that the majority of players never bother to figure them out. That’s why we haven’t seen Hilde win a major tournament in almost literally years.

Here’s a short list of major weaknesses:
1.Charges can be GI’d/auto-gi’d on reaction if you’re on the ball. Kilik practically rapes her since she has a tough time punishing JF Asura.
2.She can’t hit grounded characters for nuts. See [media=youtube]p0Axh0beRDo[/media] for example. Malek also uses a similar strategy with Ivy against RTD. But video isn’t uploaded yet afaik.
3.She doesn’t have good punishers for a lot of moves. Especially moves that end in crouch. So lows that would normally be considered suicide to spam suddenly become ridiculously good against her.
4.Easy to bait her to drop a charge by whiffing small moves.

Not that she isn’t still strong, but the amount of holes she has actually makes it substantially harder for her to win in tournaments.