FG's with the sloppiest combat systems?

Hahaha, that is hilarious. I love it. “Get down!” :rofl:
Too bad about the annoying quality of filming a tv screen.

The HUGE stages make it so you cannot get up in someone’s grill, so jump back is decent. and once you knock a fool down, YOU might be the guy getting mixed up. It’s really corny. It’s harder to play a fireball game the old game’s way because unless it’s an EX, you can react to it easier.

budokai tenkaichi series


There is much truth in this post.

Kakuto Chojin. The juggles were ridiculous .

Its awesome that people still watch our videos! I really would like to do some new ones one day!


These guys really need to do new videos.

Iron and Blood: Warriors Of Ravenloft

Undisputed winner.

I used to think sc4 was mad sloppy, till I learned how to play it properly

I think doa3 always felt dead sloppy, like sloppy in the way that you’d have to degrade your consciousness to conform to it.

mk vs dc technical wise it’s not polished, the system is not polished at all but when you know what your doing there’s a real game inside, may not be like sf, gg etc but it stays true to what made a mortal kombat game. someone else making a mk game shouldnt change this particular feel they should just concerntrate on fine tuning it and adding layers.

I played Tekken5 years ago, then i played Brawl then SFIV, then I tried tekken6. I agree with everything you say here + the fact that button mashing almost equals to a blockstring.

SF may be one of the sloppiest fighters to be played in this time, but not ALL time. there have been worser games.

Anyone played Kensei Sacred Fist? I felt that game was stupid as balls. Everyone’s get up attack was a sweep which merely tripped people causing blood effects to splatter. Every attack had slow startup and and the command lists were limiting in approaches, 2 attacks, 1 grab, 1 block button all controlled with your right thumb. Playing it was slow, as you’ll ofen find yourself doing a certain combo most often because it was the best one to pull off in terms of dmg or looks, but that’s it. you’ll rarely have to mix it up.

Castlevania Judgement is another one. Why does my character keep attacking objects whenever he/she’s two feet away from them?

Its easy to just say someone doesnt know how to play because they say a game sucks.

But last time I checked, Soul Calibur 4 was getting boo’ed at during EVO and everyone with common sense dropped it in favor of something more polished with an active community.

Im only capable of speaking about games I know enough about. And I know more than enough about Calibur 4.

being utterly broken to shit?

Honestly people need to experience SC1. The only people that say SCIII or IV are better than 1 are those that haven’t played it.

The 360 port totally crushed any hopes we had of making a community and showing how great it is. Everything has been downhill since…

That would be fantastic. I’ve even got a Interactive Fiction writer watching your videos, they’re really good.

EDIT: That might have been confusing, what I mean is they appeal to a wide range of people.

play mk vs dc, or mk 2 at a high frequency (which should be easy to do) once you’ve done that you’ll know what im talking about. if they change it to be more like anything else that’s a real shame imo

as for sc4 yeah I got sick of the game myself, I think they should probably tweek the damaging or something, at high level it becomes a little bit tedious to play, yeah its very very fun destroying people but the system still has a long way to go till it’s at a respectable level. but when it has reached that im pretty positive it will revolutionize 3D fighting games


By your logic, I’m sure I know enough about Tekken 6 to say it sucks too. Except I’m sure the game is fine and that it’s just my immense hatred of it’s control scheme (can I call it sloppy? I’d probably call it sloppy. Lol.) that prevents me from enjoying it even though I’m capable of beating most people at the arcade. The only reason I play it at all is because some days I want to play a 3D fighter and it’s ridiculously hard to get games in SC and VF.

Anyway, there’s my contribution to this thread. I also think the control scheme for Tekken is mad sloppy. :tup:

Uh. I own MK vs. DC. I’m not making shit up because it’s cool or something, it is an absolutely garbage broken game even if you ignore the abominable netcode, not just “unpolished”. For all the reasons I posted on the previous page, and many more I don’t care to go into.

Your videos are entertaining. I’m sure folks from team spooky and team poverty remember watching them. Being team poverty we played wide range of obscure crap so yeah we seen alot of really bad fighting games.

Let me quote a one from recent memory. Million Vermillion Knights. The game is officially dead and the website no longer exists. I’m quite sure folks will remember how bad it is.

I just want an SC game that has good mechanics, that can keep it alive at a tournament level for more than 2 weeks…with Tira in it.

Anyway, my vote goes to Time Killers on Sega Genesis…everything else looks like Third Strike compared to that gar-bitch.