FGTV - 4 Pros 1 House

FGTV is a 4-man project organized by ShadyK, Filipino Champ, Ricky Ortiz, and PRBalrog (arrives Feb 19). More information can be found inthis myeg.net article

Both Streams
Stream 1
Stream 2

The purpose of this thread is to provide a permanent repository for feedback on the stream. Let’s keep trolling to a minimum, that shit is for stream chat. Hopefully we come up with some not-retarded ideas and maybe get one the FGTV guys to reply every once and a while

Reserved 1

My suggestions/ideas to get us started:

  1. Drinking games - Lose a character in marvel, pause the game take a shot. Or if livers can’t take it, lose a round and take a shot.
  2. Character walkthroughs - self explanatory
  3. Bring back F. Champ’s WWE Royal Rumble contests
  4. Put a clip-on mic on F. Champ so we can hear him talk shit clearly.

I would like to point out we actually have a site where you can watch both streams at the same time.It has the streams top and bottom with the chats side-by-side for your ultimate viewing pleasure ;D http://zombienick.com/FGTV.html

OP edited. Also: DACIDBRO FREE


No GoDokuNoDAN, no give a fuck. :coffee:

Yeah, DacidBro needs to pop over and sing more.

Please do not fucking perpetuate the idea that trolling in stream chat is acceptable. Grow the fuck up, people.

So is this like Jersey Shore but with an all-male cast and video game rivalries? I mean what about this appeals to anyone?

It occurs to me that they could heckle movies or something but lolcopyrights.

Fchamp is associated, no desire to ever watch.

Can’t say “fuck” in two consecutive sentences and tell people to grow up.

Biggest problem with the stream right now is their time window when they’re actually playing games, like 10:30pm - 7am EST.