FGWidget LED board button effects not uniform

Hey guys I tried searching around for a response on the boards but couldn’t find one. So I recently installed a TE Kitty board and also a FGWidget LED controller. All of the buttons light up when pressed but I have two issues. First holding the jab button for any amount of time does not seem to take me to the menu for the FGWidget. Secondly the buttons are not showing the same effects across all of them. Specifically Short, Strong, Fierce, and 4P when pressed simply do the standard light up effect. However Short, Forward, Roundhouse, and 4K when pressed show the effect where the longer you hold the button the brighter it gets and when you let go it fades slowly. I’m certain something is off but I can’t figure out what, I’ve double checked all of the wiring and also I can light up all the buttons at the same time by pressing them at the same time, so one isn’t cutting off another. Has anyone seen this?

Does the Cylon mode properly lap around all eight of the buttons?

I can’t induce the cylon screensaver if it is enabled by default on the board and should just start on it’s own. Short answer is that it doesn’t come on.

I think some pictures would be the best bet from here so get an idea of what all is connected where. Please fill in any details that the pictures dont cover, such has the button layout, the model of TE, what LEDs you’re using, etc. The best guess I have at the moment is you have half of the LEDs going to _INs instead of _OUTs

I’m using a TE-S, KNsert 1.4s (with the flipped labels), FGWidget board. Here is an image of my button wiring for the 4K button in this case.


Oh sorry forgot to mention I also have a TE Kitty with the S harness needed for the TE-Ss

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that there was a mistake in your wiring. Would that photo be enough to help someone point out where the mistake might be?
Im not asking for this to just make you jump through some hoops. Im here, responding your posts quickly, fully intent on helping you get everything working properly. By your description, something isn’t working right, but the parts are at least trying, so the most likely problem is a wiring problem. I would like to help show you where that problem is, but I need to see all of your wiring if I’m to have any chance of seeing the part that is wired wrong.

Here are the wires in the above image as they stand connected to the FGWidget board https://skitch.com/pbiegaj/8f8rt/img-1791

Oh I totally understand, sorry if I didn’t show what you needed to see. I’m happy to take more pictures I only lagged on the connections to the board because postimage.org didn’t like something about the image that I uploaded to skitch instead. If you need to see something more specific just let me know and I’ll put it up. I do appreciate the help a ton.

Zoom out a bit, let me see the whole mess first.

Here’s the mess https://skitch.com/pbiegaj/8f8ex/img-1795

Cool, I can definitely see what you’re going for, and I like the idea of using the wires from an old SE/TE for the job.
The one thing I can’t be sure of at this point is whether the signals wires and ground wires shoved into the QD’s are correct and not backwards (KNserts ‘VCC’ ground is actually going to ground wire and not signal, and the _IN signal is actually shoved in with the button signal and not the GND). What I’d like is for you to take voltage measurements at the KNsert scew terminal for all of the _IN screw terminals, and the U/D/L/R lines at the bottom. I know they’re not being used, but better to get them as well while your in there.
You are also aware that you have an unplugged ribbon cable in the lower left?
Lastly, the LED controller VCC is going to the VCC screw terminal in the ‘OUT’ section. If you’re only using USB, this is fine; if you ever install a RJ45 jack, move that to the VCC screw terminal in the ‘XBOX’ section.

Good call, I don’t have a voltimeter with me, but I’ll pop out to Radio Shack to snag one tonight. For what it’s worth I did swap the QDs to the buttons to test that very theory and the behavior didn’t change at all. It is also strange that 4 buttons exhibit one pattern, and the other 4 another pattern. I’m wondering what that “mirrored” behavior could be caused by. Lastly given that each LED does light up, what could be causing the menu from engaging on the FGWidget board? I’m still relatively new to modding and messing with circuits so I’m always looking for opportunities to learn.

The menu will only pop up if it thinks Jab has been held down for a while, and NOTHING else pressed. The voltages would point that out, since if a _IN terminal is close to 0v, it will think its pressed, and refuse to go to the menu.

Good point, so I unplugged everything and was going to go wire by wire from the ground up to see if I can’t see what it happening (totally getting a voltimeter still). Problem is that now it appears the board is dead, I can only get the leds to light up by placing the VCC KNsert wire to the VCC of the of the kitty or the FGWidget. I think I’m just going to purchase another board from you because either by my fault or act of god/solar flare the board seems off. Thanks for your help, since I can’t get the board to light the leds any longer I think we’re at an impasse until i can verify against another board for reference.

I think that’d be premature.

Too late 0:-). I don’t mind spending ~$20 to verify that it was the board or just to have another shot. I’m rewiring the buttons as we speak and hook each KNsert to the VCC on the kitty to verify that each button is wired up just right so that when I press the button it lights up. For some reason I can’t get the buttons to work even in the previous state as I had it earlier today. I’ve done the wiring the same, the only thing that does happen now is that if I connect the VCC of the led to the VCC on the FGWidget and press the button it will light up. If I used the same VCC line and touch any of the other screw terminals some make the led light up dimly, but the _OUT no longer seem to light up the button, only when I touch the VCC led wire to another _IN do I get any sort of response from the leds. The kitty using the turbo leds shows that the signal is coming to the board and is being registered so that much I can verify.

So I figured out the issue, first off you were right my decision to buy another board (don’t mind at all) was premature. Second the reason some buttons were displaying the wrong effect was because it appears that the ground cable I was piggy backing on and the signal on the QDs were swapped, so the simple solution was to simply swap the plugs into the board that all the buttons’ QDs are connected to. Either way dude thanks for your help this board and the kitty are 8 shades of awesome.