FGWidget setup for Mayflash 09 pcb help


Hello, I need alittle help setting up the FGWidget with a 09 Mayflash PCB. I just put together my other mayflash, that one had the 07 board. The difference I’m getting is my power comes out -4.6 volt on the 09 board versus +4.6 volt I used on the 07.
I’m tapping my power on the 07 board from a USB solder point (+4.6 V). All the contacts ive checked for on the 09 board come in all negative. Is there anything I can do to power the widget?
I’ve already setup some budget uilas and led ball top mod in the 09 mayflash, all are wired with the positive wires daisy’ed to ground and the negative wires daisy’ed to a to USB solder point (draws -4.6V) - super bright and stay on continuessly. So I began to rewire my uilas like my 07 board starting with 4P. Noticed right away it wasn’t working, button didn’t light up but strangely my balltop was flashing in/out slowly and flashed when 4P was pressed. Its weird at this point to get the widget to work since I can’t seem to pinpoint a positive source anywhere on the may flash 09 board. Any help would be appreciative. I went ahead and rewired everything back so the buttons and board stay lit constantly.


Erm… I don’t think 09 Mayflash pcb’s are common ground so dual modding it with an FGWidget is fighting a losing battle.


Yep I’m thinking your right, the jlf pcb had to be modded by scratching the ground contacts to get it to work unlike the 07 board. Guess I’ll combo this with a remora I have in another stick for a ball top mod. Thanks for tip!