Whenever I get my controller back up, I’m gonna start playing Fighter’s History Dynamite on Kaillera and Fighter’s History Mizoguchi Ikki no Kippatsu on Zbattle/Kaillera.

This is the thread to see who plays these Kaillera.

You know, let’s throw Breakers Revenge in there too.

So who plays?

ill always play some BR or karnov’s revenge if i happen to be on

though as with all other games i suck

I play both games. Karnov’s Revenge is getting some good playtime on godweapon.

I know right? Great set tonight by the way.

I know more people play this. Post in here…for real.

i play this. I use Karnov. BALLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOON. 100 inputs, i mean chibi play me a lot in this as well with my friends. We had an orgy 1 time. remember chibi :slight_smile: just hit me up on aim

Good shit. More people post!!! I know more people play this…seriously…

samchay is beastly

I play a little BR myself, and a little Karnov’s Revenge too. 3 guesses as to who I use in them. :slight_smile:

There was a tourny for Breakers Revenge a few months back and none of you foos showed! Wsup with that?! :wgrin:

When the hell was this?

ggs coos coos

You too man, I wish I could have been more competitive though, I’m gonna get a new controller sometime soon and play ya again.

it was a few months back not sure exactly when but nagata hosted it
and luxxx i was there

Karnov and Breaker’s Revenge = dog’s bollox thumbs up

Anyone down for some FHD tonight?