Fianlly the neo geo dies. the last 2 games

bout damn time.

Thank God. Sammy is where it is at with their Atomiswave platform.

Now us SNK fans won’t have to be embarrassed when new SNK games come out, such as (shudder) SVCChaos… :bluu:

BTW, anyone hear any word on whether Sammy is going to be producing fighting games with SNK characters?

If the Hyper Neo-Geo 64 didn’t bomb like it did, the MVS would’ve died sooner. I’m glad it’s official they’re moving to Atomiswave.

And just to shut up some of the faggot fanboys: Atomiswave =/= GGXX graphics. It means KOF will probably look like KOF but add about a thousand more frames and move more fluidly.

it’s about fuckin time

>sound of a toilet flushing<

Good. About freakin’ time. And that’s coming from an SNK fan (but not necessarily a fanboy). I enjoyed the MVS’s lengthily run, but it really should have been put to pasture years ago.

Garou should have been the Neo MVS’s last game…anyway good riddance.

Now SNK won’t have any excuses for the shortcomings in their games. Hopefully with their talent they can make some great stuff.

If only half the games that’s been released after Garou would live up to that milestone, then I wouldn’t bother so much if the MVS lived on another five years.

Yeah, it’s about time. I’m all for SNK talents moving on to the Atomiswave.

yeah, playmore move to AW and what do they do with kof? They sprite rip the neo sprites onto new hardware, nice one playmore, fuck that

did you just make that up? the =/= part? i have no idea what the fuck that means.

did you mean !=?

LOL they ve simply done SNK dreams
dont you forget it ? => kof99 EVO on DC/PC

KoF: Neowave was merely practice, they still should not have released it. I guess they just jumped at the first chance to put all their KoF ppls in one game.

You mean Neowave, right? MI is the upcoming 3d PS2 game. And it doesn’t look like ALL of the KoF characters will be in it either…

However, I would like some clear videos. Perhaps that they added some new frames of animation…although I doubt it. I don’t doubt, however, that SamSho AW will own. Hell, SamSho Special looks pimptight. A fitting end to an era.

Yeah sorry I meant Neowave. As for Maximum Impact, i dunno. There’s a good chance it’ll flop. And knowing how SCEA has been with SNK’s 2D games recently makes me think Maximum Impact was made with some kind of agenda(other than making money).

lol is that programming language? it looks familar, but i have a habit of typing =/= or DNE on AIM and it means does not equal =P

i’d say the neogeo owners defintely got there moneys worth. To bad i can’t say the same thing for other companies. cough sega cough

Yeah, if paying $350 for a new sprited ripped game is your idea of getting your money’s worth.

Normally, in programming languages that adopt the C syntax, the ! sign equals the NOT logical modifier. :slight_smile:

In more normal terms, != means not equal. :slight_smile:

I always thought != looked pretty stupid…I think =/= looks better.

Atomiswave isn’t even that good…its basically a weaker version of the Naomi. And when was Naomi released? Like 5-6 years ago? The games won’t look horrible I guess…but I don’t think they were that bad looking anyway. It’s definitely not going to attract anyone that doesn’t already play 2d fighting games…and even those fans probably won’t start playing KOF. I think the real reason why they’re doing this is because they started running out of space on the carts, and to prevent piracy. So now the music can be good and the animation can be decent. The graphics are NOT going to vastly improve however.

One of the reasons why SNK/Playmore was so slow to make a change is because of the fact that the fighting game industry is dead anyway. On Neo Geo they had their group of hardcore fans that were buying the carts, so they were making money. Now they run the risk of nobody buying the new stuff. What if Mexico suddenly decides it can’t afford Atomiswave? Then Playmore really won’t sell anything for arcades. I dunno…I guess theyre banking on GG Isuka to sell well enough so that KOF can do okay too…

Playmore should really just quit fighting games. Capcom was a lot more succesful and even they quit the arcade sector. So how can a company that wasn’t even competing hope to survive? Capcom lost money…I guess maybe playmore is hoping to get by with lower operating costs or something…and take up the people that played Capcom games…I just don’t see that happening.

No. SNKP doesnt make much money on carts nowadays. The runs are VERY small, and in the case of the US, are only made as “thanks” to the fans.

Its all arcade, despite what you assume about the arcade scene.

Last time i checked, Playmore had SSV and KOF 2003 in the top games. SVC was up to the end of the year, too, IIRC… Top 5 arcades in Japan.

SNKP doesnt make money on AES. They make money on MVS. Whats MVS? Arcade.

SNKP still makes money on it. All around the world.

NOW… things can go messy, considering AW has like… not even 5% of the installed base of the MVS (worldwide)? For every AW theres a hundred MVS or more…

Isuka is not popular. Hell, not a single one of Sammys games can be considered really “popular” in arcades (the rep himself says that - Edge Magazine). They brought SNKP in to make money and sell more AWs (Sammys president said that - Arcadia Magazine).

I asume GGXX is Sammys most popular game, right? Its still way further down - didnt even beat KOF 2001 in the top 2002 arcade games… KOF 2001 is not that good a game, remember that…

I think thats the reason why NeoWave is just “KOF 2002 Remix”. Both 2002 and 2001 (most KOFs, actually) made more money than GGXX, GGI, GGX and so on.

The question is: is that going to work?

Im not so sure… Specially with NeoWave being just a “remix” and the real “new” stuff being far away (SS:AW, MS:AW)…

They shouldve made “Sammy vs Capcom” into “Sammy vs Capcom vs SNK”. This way they would have three fanbases, all playing the same game. Considering KOF is always in the top 5 or top 10 (unlike GG and the last Capcom fighters), it would be the best option to make money.

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