Fianlly the neo geo dies. the last 2 games

I’m not sure I like this. I live in Florida, the LAST place to get any snk game, if any. Snk goes Atomiswave, game no come to Florida, Sony no like 2d games/no import dc version, so no home version = me no play game. With MVS, I could at least download that shit, then get the home version 6 months later when it came out…still waiting for kof2k3, but no word…

So in five years, will everyone who refuses to play 3d games just be playing Sammy games?

No, I don’t think so. I think this upcoming Sammy kof game is a one-shot deal, but SNK will make it’s own future fighters on Atomiswave h-ware.

$385 each

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!! How do you justify selling games for that much? I came to a realization long ago that every
SNK AES players are RETARDED.

Yeah, we can thank playmore for Sony USA shit attitude towards 2d games. They probably took one look at SvC and thought ‘we’re not allowing that shit to be released in US’ and proceeded to shit on anyone wishing to release a 2d game outside of japan. Then again a game like SvC can have an adverse effect on people

ahaha this guy…

If you look around, the games are usually only 50 bucks, unless it’s Metal Slug X or something. But some people just don’t know and dish out hell of a price. I pity that sucker who paid 10k for kizuka encounter. 50 buck’s still kinda expensive in a way though, I guess. Anyway yeah good news and good find for whoever posted

That is god that SNK finally decided to move the MVS is old. Hopefully we will get games that are very noteworthy on the new system.


! is the logical NOT operator. Quit whining :slight_smile:

As for the rest, SNK kept using it’s MVS hardware for ONE reason: it’s cheap for arcade operators. It is widely used in all the world because it’s cheap as well, and you can make good money off of it. Big arcades never had MVS stuff because it looked like crap(to them anyway), but every little dinky arcade I ever went to had an MVS machine. EVERY ONE. You buy the system, which is not that expensive, then you buy the carts, which don’t require much playtime to pay for themselves.

I just hope the Atomiswave won’t cost too much. That is the big thing for it; if it’s not too costly and the games are affordable, then it’ll catch on. Otherwise don’t count on it.

SNKP is making KOF 2004, Samurai Shodown AW and Metal Slug AW, all on the Atomiswave.

I wonder if 2004 will have new sprites… But SS and MS are pretty much confirmed as high-res (they mentioned using the power of the AW to “re-create the characters” or something like that).

If SSAW play like SS2 or even SSV… Itll be a dream.

The guy who paid 10k for kizuna encounter EUR probably won’t even play it. He’ll probably just sit there masturbating over the box art or something, he’s obviously a collector because no one would pay 10k for it otherwise.

Anyway who the hell feels sorry for someone who can afford to pay 10k for a paper weight, he’s probably loaded. The copy wasn’t even mint, it has small tears and marks on it too, an absolute waste of money as far as I’m concerned. Just think, if the game wasn’t so shit it may have gone for a lot more, I guess neo fans are just weird people in general.

how can you be happy that snk neo geo is dead it had some the best 2D games out to date,it’s a crying shame I feel the same way when dreamcast had died.& speaking of sammy automiswave,why are so many people starting to kiss sammy ass,as soon capcom brings another street fighter everyone’s going to be on their jock again i GGXX is okay, graphics excellent, gameplay so so ok,& the reason i say that is because it reminds of a VS. series to damn easy.

Uh, dude, Playmore ain’t dead, just the Neo Geo console. PLEASE don’t tell me that you believe an advancement in technology will ruin the quality of Playmore’s fighters…

yeah i know, just what i meant it’s still a good console with the low level of power it has.

will capcom be using atomiswave or will it use a higher powered CPSIII system

Yeah, but that system was dated a decade ago. How long it kept going on could be a testament to how cheap it was, how many people fanboy the games, how the Japanese favor gameplay over graphics, or how bad SNK/Playmore is about business.

The only people who really have room to be upset are ROM whores. AES collectors can still try to strengthen their collection and not have to worry about keeping up to date with releases (hell, I don’t understand why they can’t buy something like a car with the amount of money they have to drop for that shit), and hopefully the higher-power graphics’ll translate to sales here.

I really won’t miss it any. They’re at least 5 years too late in my opinion.

I’m a big fan of the old Neo Geo games, but man, playing all those MVS games on my plasma screen showed how much the graphics could use a new system.

I’m very excited about Atomiswave-based SNK games on the horizon.

Good. Now once they start hiring more competent programmers/designers for the KOF games, they’re all set.

And if they playtest. That would be nice too.

The arcade I go as far as I know has:

2 CPS3 boards (CvsS2, 3s)
1 CPS2 board (Alpha 3)
1 of whatever Namco uses (SC2)
1 of whatever Sega uses (Virtua Fighter 2?)
1 Atomiswave (or is it Naomi lol?) board (GGXX #R)

and 5564846816841 Neo-Geos

It makes me wonder how many of SNK’s new games we’re going to get…