Fianlly the neo geo dies. the last 2 games


You could say the same thing about the Atari 2600, but it’s not really commercially viable either, save for some homebrew releases that only appeal to a very niche market.


Wow the coldheartedness on here is pretty shocking! I’m all for progress and all, but really. As fanatical as SNK fans usually are, I thought I would be reading 20 pages of moving epitaphs to the most longserving arcade board / console ever?
I always liked that there was still a low res, 2d board still out there, still showcasing awsome oldschool art like Metal Slug 3, in the middle of all the Polygons and Drum simulators, but then again I’m old school.
I hope the old MVS systems still stay around in arcades even after releases finish, tho I too wish to see awsome new SNK games on newer hardware.
The MVS gave me some really great arcade moments (Fatal Fury Special, Metal Slug 3 and Samurai Showdown 2 being the very finest), * tips cap to MVS.



Who said better hardware wasn’t capable of reproducing the same graphics?

You still want your low-tier, low-res fighters? Have you checked out the recent screenshots of the new KOF fighter on Atomiswave? Guess what? It looks exactly the same.


I thought it looked a bit better…:confused:


I someone posting some early screenshots of KOF NeoWave or whatever it’s called. I remember a lot of people saying something like: “It’s finally on new hardware, but it looks exactly the same with lame looking health bars and SRK’s font!”


SNK/Playmore board meeting:
“Hey, how about we actually playtest the next King of Fighters?”
“Whoa, whoa, hold it loose cannon! We’ve already got to draw like ten new sprite sheets because we’re moving to a high-res system! Who do you think we are? People who do actual work?”


I got nothin but love for the neo, and although it is capable of putting out some very nice graphics and has some classic games, the pirating and the apathy of the casual player did little to help them. It’s time for the platform to retire into console history.


well, Neo Geo is one of the greatest systems ever, so much good memories


Why the fuck would you bump this? Seriously. I thought some new indie games like Last Hope were going to be made. Fuck you.


I thought they were talking about the Neo Geo Station online service. Guess not!

Can we bump threads where we got mad exicted about KOF 2000 being released?


Old thread is old, let it die in peace people.


does it mean there will be cvs3?

otherwise fucc the world