Fiberglass Joystick Cases?

Hi folks,

I just had an epiphany whilst contemplating the crafting of a joystick case…

I work for an industrial electrical distributer, we carry a line of fiberglass enclosures that we typically install pushbuttons and selector switches into for our customers.

There’s one specific size that seems to be ideal for a joystick: 10 x 16 x 5
It weighs in at 8.8Lbs - so it’s pretty sturdy for a table top, and not TOO huge for a lap.
I can install a backpanel on the inside to secure all the doodads and gizmos, like terminal blocks (which we also carry :tup: ) and the PCB.

Here’s a few snapshots of the box:

I’ll make it a project and include photos as I go along :bgrin:


Here’s some more pictures, showing the smaller sized enclosure in relation to the larger.

Here’s a render of the smaller enclosure - not going to win any beauty contests, but it could be painted :smiley:

Geez that’s totally perfect. Good size and stong fiberglass.

I wouldn’t say those were ideal sizes but it certainly looks like it would work, give it a go.

Just out of curiosity what do you consider ideal?

Length and width are fleixble, but I don’t like sticks that tall for lap play.

I see. What would be your perfect length and width? I’m just asking because I’m building a box in the next couple days and I have yet to decide on that.

Might be a tad tall for the average lap, you’re right… but some laps are bigger than others :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d say it’s about perfect for me. I’m not specifically strong as much as I am aggressive. As such I like a stick who can take the thunder!

After your project if you wanna start dealin’ (depending on price) put me down for uno.

about how much would these cases cost?


Well, these particular ones come with a list price of $150.00 I’d give 10% off, so $135.00

There’s also a 7 x 11 x 4 for $70.00…which would be much better for the lap, and fit 6 buttons comfortably.

This is their premier line of enclosures, with double thick walls and somewhat unique sizing.
They have a few different lines, but I’ve concluded that these 2 sizes are the best for a joystick.

I have CAD drawings if anyone is interested , hehehe

Yeah that looks like a pretty convenient size.

Would look good with some artwork and a nice paint job.

I’m trying to wrap my head around how to spruce it up in the appearance department.

Most pre-fab cases have a lip used to place a graphic design underneath a plexi-glass/lexan layer.
This one is completely flush on the top, doesn’t really give many options for that, aside from a decal and plenty of clear coats or some kind of laminate.

The cover itself is .294" thick, I suppose I could have the surface milled about .125" to accommodate a layer of plexi-glass. I’m not particular about the appearance, personally… so I’d just leave it as is or possibly give 'er a few coats of paint.

I’m just waiting on my lizardlick shipment before I can get started :smiley:

Interesting. The 7 x 11 x 4 one sounds like the ticket. How difficult would it be to cut, though? Or would you take care of that?

I could do that here, no problem. I need to wait until I get my JLF stick in the mail so I can find the best/cleanest method of mounting the stick.
The buttons are a no-brainer, I have the hole saw already in my shop, some of the operators we stock are the same size.

I would want to do up a drawing of the layout, save it as a .pdf and then have you approve it tho, just like I do with my electrical customers :slight_smile:

Looks nice but it’s a bit too tall for my tastes.

They are kinda boxy, I’ll admit… they pale in comparison to the Norris cases… hell, I feel dirty even comparing them… BUT, they are practical, and easily acquired in large quantities :smiley:

Once my project is finished, I’ll play with it for a while and give you cats an idea of how it feels.
I personally prefer the table top style, so this larger case really appeals to me… the smaller size is pretty small, it’s borderline TOO small but just big enough that it won’t be too cramped after stuffing it with goodies.

let us know more details… can you get more pics of the other size?


I will post more pics of the other size tomorrow

I’d chop it down a bit if it’s possible, 5 inches is way too high (or is that centimetres?)

It’s inches… It would be difficult to chop it down, but not impossible.

Theoretically I could chop it in half with a saws-all, remove 1.5" of material and then epoxy it back together…

Messy? - yeah
Impractical? - not entirely

Bottom line, it’s doable… I could give it a little bit of a slant as well, fixing all the seams with some epoxy and sand paper.