Fiberglass stick?

I see most of the construction here is with using MDF or wood. Just curious, for those who glass, how did it turn out? I’m a car audio installer by trade so I’m fabricating some new ideas on doing a stick out of glass. I know the smell would be pretty effin’ horrible but I dont’ mind.

Like this?

[HOMER]mmmmmmmmmm big pockets NORRIS stick[/HOMER]


worked fine for me

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Wow thanks for posting that Voltech. I’m on that site but I didn’t even see that stick. I guess it’s doable. But I imagine a lot of build-up is required because 1 layer of glass won’t cut it. Unless I decide to do a milkshake… bondo will definitely give it a more rigid structure.

the link at the bottom just took a while to show up. so all i saw was the text like this.

Yeah that stick is pure sex!! Big Pockets is like the mad scientist of stick design - FWT