Fiding a Balance for Double Snapbacks

One of the cheapest and dishonorable moves possible in MvC2 is the infamous double snapback. It’s awesome! Snapping is the act of forcing your opponent to tag out, presumably to a character with less health that you want to finish off. It could also be one that is an unfavorable matchup to your current character, or you can snap in your opponent’s best “assist” character so they no longer have access to it. Snapback is a great tool in itself, but it becomes even more interesting and a key player in the accidentally balanced web of Mahvel.

You cannot snap out an assist character. This makes it possible to hit your opponent’s point character and assist character at once with a snap back, forcing the point character out of play but leaving the assist character available for rape without your opponent having any control over it. The assistant will simply fly to the edge of the screen and then be vulnerable to a juggle or OTG attack. After this they must touch the ground in order to become invincible and leave the playing field. It was an odd design decision to force them to touch the ground to be free, rather than just leaving hitstun. This decision makes it possible for most characters to repeatidly launch the assist over and over. The launches do not even combo, but its irrelevant because they must touch the ground to escape.

To many players this just seems like an evil exploit that needs to be purged from future games, but it also serves the purpose of keeping assist spammers in check. MvC2 is known for having a high risk/reward style in regards to assists. These helpers have a wide range of uses and can be used more rapidly and freely than other similar games. It could get out of control pretty easily if your opponent could just dash all over you and call out Doom rocks without fear of too much retaliation. It would be low risk, high reward. With one well placed snapback, you crush their momentum and Dr. Doom is out of the match permanantly. I admit that scoring one hundred percent damage on a character is a little much for spending only one super bar, but there could be an alternative. An alternative much better than castrating assist to the point they barely exist such as in TvC. :lame:

In MvC3, I would love if you could still perform a double snapback in the same style. The only change that is needed is to have the assist character become able to escape as soon as they reach a nuetral state. This would mean that the snapper could follow up with one combo only, instead of getting a braindead reset infinite. They might even have to learn specific combos if they assists have special juggle states. There is still a big reward for making a good decision, but the reward is not so huge. It also wouldn’t look so out of place and accidental from a design point of view.

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