Field Trip: Pinball Hall of Fame

Who’s with me?

I’m in. They have Medieval Madness. The best pinball game ever made.

Yeah…let’s do that.

Gabe, your fascination with Pinball is fascinating to me.

I’m in.

I guess I’ll go as well, we’ll see.

From Soho down to Brighton you must have played’em all.

I’m in.

Oh my lord 100% agree. I will definitely go if they have that.

Stu, your fascination with balls is fascinating to me.

I’m in.

What day are you planning on going? :slight_smile:

This sounds like a good plan, plus or minus me accidentally never leaving.

I’m thinking saturday since none of us will have made it into the semi-finals?

This sounds good to me.

Son of a bitch. :lol:

Haha, word. I’m in.

this place is definitely worth a scope trip… how far from ceasar’s is it does anyone know?

the walk wouldnt be too bad if it werent in the desert

im down to go.,+Las+Vegas,+NV&daddr=1610+E.+Tropicana,+Las+Vegas+NV+89119&hl=en&geocode=Fa8WJwIdIIwi-SljZ-tIO8TIgDG15rWR8uMfyA%3BFUrdJgIdRT8j-SlVWrPxD8XIgDEqZuP7IqGyWQ&mra=ls&sll=36.107993,-115.151739&sspn=0.035088,0.069952&ie=UTF8&ll=36.108618,-115.15028&spn=0.035087,0.069952&z=14

I’m definitely interested – good to see a group forming.

so…transportation…I’m wondering how to do this. I will have my car, so that’s me + four other people…maybe make a couple trips or everybody piles in like a clown car and then maybe tow geese pants in a shopping cart roped up to the trunk. It’s about $10 to get there in a taxi, so if 4 people got in the taxi that would be $2.50 each. There is also a bus that goes there:

also I notice they have two different Super Mario Bros. pins and the Street Fighter II pin

I hope they have the TMNT pinball machine with april on the marquee with bigfucking titties :3