Fierce Economy: The Peacock neutral game and strategy thread




first things first, my peacock is ass at this time (though last i played her it had gotten much better) i still have a lot of work to do, i write this as it took me a solid month to realize these things about the character and id like to save some people the trouble as well as get whoever/everyone to contribute patterns… peacock is a character that imho is almost completely pattern based… it could be said of all characters but peacock takes it to another level. also i base much of ths on things ive seen in ddsouls vids and have myself been recreating plus things i have stolen off of other peacock players.

no pattern is uncounterable though which is where the skill lies… picking the right pattern, using correct reactions, varying your playstyle etc etc

also in this thread i will go over keepaway, runaway and zoning… how peacock excells at all of them and how she must use all of them to accomplish the end result of staying away from her opponents characters for long periods of time.

the title is in reference that peacock sometimes has to play while holding down the hp button, which in the old school is known as the fierce button. that button is EXTREMELY important to peacock and holding it makes and breaks many of her strategies.

that having been said i was originally planning on going through the ramifications of that and the ins and outs… but decided not to, instead ill just list off a few brief obvious things:

when holding an item drop with hp peacock loses access to ALOT of great moves namely…

teleport behind opponent
instant tracking level 1 item drop (cause shes charging it)

and it also has the drawback of forcing the peacock player to hold the button while calling assists, performing throws and sometimes combos, 2 p airdashes etc etc.

the primary reason to list all of this is to let the beginning peacock realize just how much they lose when charging an item drop… peacocks far presence is generally greatly diminished with the loss of st.hp and lvl 1 item drop.

THIS MEANS that its much harder to play a garbage based keepaway game while holding an item drop… if peacock gets hit while holding item drop she loses it. and some character actually can take peacock on fairly well from fullscreen as long as peacock isnt using the overload strat aka the keepaway strat (which i will go into later, its very simple)

charging an item drop is best done from what ive seen, TO GO ON OFFENSE. it isnt really to be used for defense. for offense though lets look at what a lvl 2-3 item drop gives you:

a much harder to dodge projectile
an “assist” that locks down and hits fullscreen… while also being able to call other assists.
(im not sure if this one works) an easy to use alpha counter by letting go of item drop while in blockstun
an overhead that is independent of peacocks own recovery thusly allowing peacock to go for near unblockables with item drop and a low assist or peacocks own lows.
the ability to left/right the “offensive” opponent by double jumping over them and releasing the item drop.

basically it has alot of good offensive properties yet takes away alot of good defensive properties, so its only natural to try and use charged item drop offensively… ie while moving forward and non charged item drops while moving backward or holding her ground.


a section for analysis of peacocks specials and what different functions that they can serve… as an example a new one that a friend told me about was throwing out a lk george, seeing the opponent jump over it, then teleporting toward the opponent that is trying to advance.

basically the lk george will protect peacocks port even if it has passed up the opponent, assuming of course that it is close enough.


  1. lvl1 item drop… (mostly to hit other zoners that are trying to zone) but also good for general anti air against slow moving forward movements… like regular jumps and stuff.

  2. st.hp… her most important keepaway move BY FAR imho… item drop might get all the publicity but this baby is what does all the work. the pluses of this move and what makes it absolutely disgusting is that peacock can screen check with it anytime she wants (just throw it out) and then cancel it it into any george or teleport or non cancel upon seeing the opponents movement… like, see opponent jump over it towards her… no problem just teleport out of there, and if you are really fast and have a pillar or updo style assist you can call the assist then teleport thusly making your defense turn into a crossup offense that you dont even have to bother to setup since the opponents come to you.
    also the overload strategy isnt really possible without st.hp

3.Georges day out… covers the ground against dashes, sets up offensive and defensive teleports, controls alot of space for a very long time… peacock just seems to do alot better when gdo is constantly kept in play… so dont sleep on it, use it as much as possible, also its call out has AA properties against IAD and recovers really quickly like item drop hold.

4.George at the airshow… really shitty when first learning how to use peacock…. after that a god send as it becomes really powerful once peacock is good at frustrating the opponent and getting to certain ranges… funnily enough people LOVE to jump forward after this move hits them in the air or puts them into blockstun… reasoning i guess is because the opponent is thinking “he wont throw 2 airshows in a row” or something such as that… anywas peacock can use this to her advantage by following up successful airshows with teleports.

  1. HK teleport… the bread and butter of defensive peacock play… using this move well means that peacock literally never loses running room… this alone makes this move SUPER CHEAP.

now there is a “right” way to use teleports and a wrong way.

the right way is to anticipate an opponents jump forward and hk teleport towards them as that will actually move peacock away from them. she can also do this for grounded moves that move forward… basically you just want to read or react to moves that move forward and use hk port to move in back of them.

the wrong way is to teleport to a character that is js standing there waiting for a port. the OTHER WRONG WAY is something that i still see alot and its to wait till peacock is in the corner and then try and teleport out… which is bad for 2 reasons… 1. its super predictable. 2 the opponent can actually cover teleports when peacock is cornered easier by standing at a certain range and countering teleports on reaction or upon not seeing one yet seeing the assist make contact, go on the offense… so basically a no risk way to be defensive and offensive at the same time… you dont want this so make sure you port BEFORE you are cornered… even if that means that you have to do 3 times as many ports at midscreen… just do it, it works till the opponent starts to bait them and once they start to bait them is when peacock can go all out with:

THE OVERLOAD STRAT (ie noobs pressing alot of buttons, the pattern all peacocks like to use, etc etc)

its simply any version of this pattern:

st.hp xx qcf +lk>st.hp xx qcf +mk,st.hp xx qcf+ hk,st.hp xx qcb +hp

you can add and subtract empty st.hp and whatnot as you see fit, the principle job of this is to put as much shit on the screen as possible while also trying to cover obvious jumpin and ground angles… but this is primarily designed to beat other characters trying to keepaway, and other characters that are baiting teleport, and other characters that are simply playing “patient” trying to think their way in.

note that peacock CAN BE BEATEN BY KEEPAWAY if you dont know how to deal with it:

“fireball advantage” is something that has been in fighting games forever, however in skullgirls its almost taken to a new level. if you have fireball advantage your fireball game basically CAN NOT BE BEATEN by another characters fireball game… this seems to work with painwheel, parasoul and of course peacock.

painwheel cause she can pound out like 5 spikes that is more than peacock can usually handle in one go, parasoul can just do shitloads of hp shots.

peacock is the only one of these characters that can use her own fireball to grab the fireball advantage back and keep it.

item drop 1 always gives fireball advantage afaik except for in the situations that the other peacock has a gdo in play… which makes things dynamic.

other than that, usually a simple lvl1 drop followed by a st.hp xx garbage or bangx3 is waaaay more than enough to get the other character to lose the advantage and be forced to come to peacock.


this is probably the meat of the thread, or atleast as important as whatever else i said was just as important. this is what peacocks uses to go offensive or defensive and to do it well.

some might wonder why i put patterns in here… they might think “simply using patterns isnt going to make any player good, its knowing when to use the patterns that makes a player good” to which i would certainly agree, however i would argue that not all or even most patterns are obviosu at least at first and there are SOME patterns that are so strong that using them WILL IN GENERAL make your play stronger even if the patterns are somewhat misplaced…. the 2 patterns im listing next are just those sort of patterns, one i modified from ddsoul vids and have been VERY happy with it, the other is just common sense but… for common sense it works so well i just figured it has to be here.

1. jump back airdash,, land call charged item drop (then react to the opponent, if they are far take the opportunity to set out a gdo as well f they are close use the double jump crossup i mentioned earlier.

just doing the airdash to the is amazingly good though… ive found it better than:

just jumping with (doesnt get far enough away, is risky to try and transfer to a defensive strategy with such little backward space gained)
jumping with j.hp naked or canceling it into a (the first one is like the naked… though i do use this alot cause of the damage of the j.hp. the second one canceling the jhp into jhk, i dont like eiither cause it gains TO MUCH SPACE ON AVERAGE and leads to peacock cornering herself to easily or having to overrely on teleports to get her out.

so yeah, just jump and airdas back then cancel into… shit is golden and protects peacock from the air and skies… why not just jump with hk and airdash back cancel it into another jhk or simlpy let it ride? cause the jhk doesnt have THAT much priority and can easily be beaten by other light attacks or earlier timed attacks… if you are just looking to create space the pattern i listed is imho the best way to do that….loses bad to projectiles though so watch out for that.

2.HK Teleport crossup

(WHEN THEY THINK THEY ARE GOING ON THE OFFENSIVE) basically you just want to anticipate them jumping towards you and hit them with a gtfo assist while teleporting and thusly mixing up there blocking, the reason being that they may try to empty jump to bait the assist… this pattern beats empty jump but can still be considered a 50/50 once the opponent learns to antcipate it and block correctly

VERY simple but the way i do it is i make sure that i ALWAYS do it if im calling my invulnerable assist… its an easy transition from defense to offense and the opponent has to start to anticipating it to block it or make it wiff… also completely in peacocks favor imho.

also why NOT teleport everytime? no good reason to get your assist blocked imho. and yes this is one of the many things that makes peacock an absolutely disgusting character to play against. she kills you from fullscreen, she kills you at midscreen, she kills you upclose. she turns your offense or defense into her defense or offense from ANYWHERE ON THE SCREEN… no other character can do that to the extent tht she can nor as quickly a she can do it. and also teleport is her PRIMARY offensive mixup, though she does have a high low throw game it isnt nearly what it is with other characters… learn to abuse her teleport on both defense and offense.



is a tactic both dynamically and spacially concerned with KNOCKING THE OPPONENT AWAY FROM YOU.

examples of good keepaway are few and far between cause at its best it is broken. however in the oldschool games some practitioners of this dying art are:

ST. akuma
World Warrior guile
World warrior dhalsim

akuma used his air fireball for absolute keepaway.

guile in world warrior used his sonic boom, which in world warrior was near uncounterable as hurricane kicks didnt go over it, and honda didnt have buttslam yet… there were many other reasons… but thats not important right now.

dhalsim had yoga fire… almost as broken in WW as boom was, however what made sim in WW really stupid was his… its angle/speed was completely dumb and sim never got it back (nerfed in every sf iteration from that point on it was angled higher and made much shorter)

the closest sim has gotten back to that move is actually in sf4 though the move remains nerfed angle range and speedwise (especially speedwise) the best way to describe sims ww is take his sf4, angle it slightly higher with slightly less range, and make it a shit ton faster.

it may not sound like much, but remember that the only nerf to akumas fireballs from like st to hdr was the startup time (which ended up not being enough of a nerf but meh)


“newschool keepaway”

instead of knocking the attacker backwards constantly, like keepaway, runaway is a tactic where the defensive player seeks to put distance themselves and the opponent via movement…

WHY the distinction between runaway and keepaway?

generally speaking with the notable exception of mvc2 cable, runaway doesnt do much damage cause the person running away cant actually attack… in other words it is most effective for killing time off the clock or frustrating the opponent into making stupid mistakes or allowing a bit of keepaway to go on once range has been established.

cable kills this general rule cause he can jump backwards and do an air viper beam… this allows him to simultaneously runaway AND do damage to his opponents… this was probably seen by ike and many other people as being to much… so peacocks special move ability has been restricted to the ground… because of the stupidity we already know we would have if she were more cable based than she already is.

and again peacock cant air runaway and do damage to the other half of the screen simultaneously besides charge an item drop… which isnt spammable and has cooldown once released.

these are checks and balances to her power when COMPARED TO CABLE…

there are other things that cable has that she doesnt (viper beam pushes ALL the way back to fullscreen on block or hit….) but she also has things that cable never had:

a safe way to cover her head without an assist
a teleport
an airdash (did cable have an airdash? cant remember )


using both the runaway and keepaway strategies to your characters advantage in order to keep the opponent at the right spacing for your character.

(as opposed to just dashing in or jumping in at every chance and opportunity)

EVERY CHARACTER in every fighting game is a zoner, more or less. some want to get inside some dont but all have to move and use attacks in order to get to and stay in those optimal ranges.

what does this have to do with peacock?

knowing how peacock uses her defensive abilities allows linear thinking of strats to make them more powerful, as well as outside the box strats to allow more creativity:

linear = runaway is what the character is designed to do more often than not.

finding strategies and patterns to support her runaway ability, will make her obviously stronger.

creative = offensive mixup based play (or anything that isnt concerned with runaway and setting up a decent fortress to throw garbage from)

so if we want to be creative with her we also have many avenues… actually more avenues than if we just want to play defense. the problem is that of curse its hard to find good offensive strategies that 1. work and 2. work over the course of many matches against many players.

one highly creative theoryfighter concept ive had with her is to use the overhead prpoerties of item drop combined with the low she naturally has into a near unblockable mixup… especialy off a reset. something like standard bnb to restand, release item drop, do




@ work so can’t add much atm.

Boxcar George - owns projectile wars. Once this is out, the opponent can not shoot at all since it ignores most projectiles. The only ways to remove it are with a GDO or another Boxcar, shield soldier or Diamond Reflector afaik. H Cannon xx Boxcar is almost guaranteed projectile advantage.

Shadow Of Impending Doom - while it’s generally a bad idea to hold the homing version for extended periods from full screen, the other two were actually made for zoning. Use L vs aggressive characters/play for cover and M to keep projectile wars in your favour.

Lenny - a great way to cover yourself. If the opponent manages to get around your garbage and you’re feeling threatened, or you just made a bad move (H Bang, for example), cancel into Lenny. His hit-box also blocks a lot of counter strategies, like Bella Diamond, Fortune’s head (fu Noms) and Valentine Scalpels. Learn to make it work.

IAD - j. hk puts Avery directly overhead and gives you time to make one action before he lands. Use it during neutral to cover your head.


I like this, so basically st.hp xx boxcar st.hp xx homing item drop cant be outfireballed by anyone… Good to know. Also had another thought but wont be able to test for a few days…

That lp drop you mentioned is good and ive completely forgotten about it… It can hit things via anticipation and early timing that ho drop would have missed, so it is probably something to work on using more… But my thought was… With charging hp item drop. Drastically killing peacocks ranged offense… Might we want to charge lp drops instead for the defense benefit while not sacrificing long range potential or perhaps even charging mp verison for ranged offense while still having st.hp jhp and bang?



I generally look at the Shadows in relation to how they affect her normals. When zoning, you have to have H, so focus on the other two shadows. During her pressure, charging H Shadow is fine because H isn’t something she REALLY needs up close; you just lose her crouching H, which is fine because you still have the slide xx GDO to keep it safe on block.

L Shadow tends to work really well against aggressive characters like Filia and Valentine because it not only covers the area in front of her, but leaves her M pokes available to play at mid. With this, you can poke out air dash or dash attempts and drop the item into a possible combo opportunity. If you guess wrong on the poke, you can still drop the item and remain relatively safe. M Shadow is more for keeping the fireball game in your favour vs Parasoul and Peacock. In zoning, I try to charge H Shadow when I’m looking for an air grab into Argus Agony (or combo starter!), or trying to dash under super jumps and get a cross-up off with a level 2.

Also, fake teleport backed by H Shadow is a decent way to buy some time/negate some of the opponent’s advantage in the fireball game. Get out of the way of anything coming, drop the item (any lvl) then follow-up on the bomb with H Cannon xx George/H Bang to swing the momentum back in your favour.


Discussions like this are why i create threads like this, so thanks for participating view619, even if you are the only other person in here thats a start.

I was just going over some of what i wrote up there in the first post and i came up with something that that is extremely obvious as i use it in every other game and even with sg characters, but i havent been using it with peacock.

I talked about airdashback jhk as being awesome, which it is… But i never really gave mention to the obvious strat of mixing it up with just jhk for less distance gained and jhp xx adb jhk for more distance gained…basically if we always move the same amount back we become super predictable as the opponent will know WHERE WE ARE GOING before we even get there.

So yeah something so obvious that i use with other characters and i never even thought to use it with peacock. Also i havent really been seeing many peacocks using it as a spacing mixup either, though admittedly i do see them using different stuff, it seems random.



That stuff with LP and MP Shadows sounds really handy for zone vs zone.

A variation on the jump air-backdash j.HK pattern is to use j.MK when jumping back then cancel it into a backdash then HK. j.MK is pretty amazing since it works with any vertical range and has pretty long horizontal range too. You kinda float down in the recovery, so the later you dash cancel, the shorter your retreat. This pattern has the advantage of buying time and space, but also has risks if the opponent is able to jump early enough to make j.MK whiff.

As for boxcar winning against all fireballs, I think Parasoul’s MP napalm shot trades with it and leaves a tear in that spot. Also, because it’s faster, it’s kind of easier to jump over if that makes sense. Also, I believe Peacock’s HP xx boxcar would (just) lose to Parasoul’s HP Napalm shot.


Dont forget opening with ground back dash or GDO/iad to hold position with back dash being the safer option.


Im at work for another 3-4 days… So i aint got much time till then but when i get back ill edit on the things you guys have said as well as add a few more things to round this out…

Lol its cool to see peacocks on cupcakes not use some of the strats in tis thread last week, but use them this week… And no likes… Lol its coo, be back in a few days.



Another pattern, just ganked it off ciscokid? He likes the airdashback jhk as well but when landing instead of going for gdo he does george at he airshow… Its a perfect spot to place airshow as his opponent duckator, evo champ… Was dashing and running into it all day.

So thats another good pattern learned, and its pretty nice as it allows liberal use of airshow in a correct position… Ive had problems using airshow in my game as it tends to have a high wiff rate or characters going over it.

Excited to try this stuff out when i get back home, good peacocks are so fun to watch, hopefully we can all raise our game to expert level and pull some of this niceness off.



ive been taking a break from the cock lately to get the rust off my main team… that having been done its now time to get back onto peacock.

some patterns ive been working on in my quest to find some nice autopilot shit to base her game off of:


using regular dash back:

to create space instead of just airdash back everytime… the reasoning because the dashback is faster and covers largely the same amount of screen, but its faster cause no wasted time jumping up or coming down. the primary downfall is that peacock is susceptible to grounded rush moves here and she doesnt have avery from jhk protecting her as she ends the dash… gdo could help out here… but probably the best overall bet is to charge an item drop here.

dont use lvl 1 item drop for harrassment unless its for projectile wars (ie make sure that i charge item drop to lvl 2):
lvl 2 item drop is MUCH harder to make wiff and therefor is much easier to use to put the opponent into blockstun… putting them into blockstun makes it easier to to call out a gdo or get that jumpin.

to this extent ive been runnin reps of trying to release item drop the instant it gets to lvl 2 in t-mode to get the timing down to where its muscle memory… i think having lvl2 and 3 drops muscle memoried for charge times is very important… you want to release item drop lvl2 asap so that you can start charging another item drop lvl 2 SOONER. this means more chip and hit damage over time and more opportunities to punish the opponent with lvl 2 drops as AA’s or get in moves… also more overall flexibility in drop times by purposefully delaying drop times a bit and less chance of getting hit since we are holding drop only just enough time to get to lvl 2.

also ive been becoming more and more a fan of jhp xx ADB xx jhk

this moves peacock REALLY far back and done intelligently is damn near a guarantee of a safe item drop charge or gdo call… but it isnt just that… it certainly sets up safer ID calls, but it also sets up things like charge item drop THEN ALSO CALL OUT GDO and go to work on putting out some garbage to make it to lvl2 drop safely

anyways, thats the thinking… item drop 1 misses to much whereas item drop 2 is harder to make miss and does better damage to boot plus more hitstun… whereas charging to full lvl 3 doesnt seem to get as many benefits from 2 to 3 as going from 1 to 2 does… stil though it would probably be good to have item drop 3’s quickest timing memorized as well for those random op drops…


been messing around with:

ground string> xx gdo.

cancel the sweep before it hits… this moves peacock forward and covers that forward movement with a gdo… basically with great timing and a non pushblocking opponent this string can be repeatedly indefinitely… it may well serve to learn to use this loop strategically if only to put pressure on the opponent and give them something else to think about.


its my thread and i can quadruple post if i want to…

ok so that xx gdo shit is REALLY good… not just for blockstrings, but for neutral offense and defense as well:

it can be used with gdo as a “dash attack” against grounded opponents… REALLY FREAKING GOOD.
and for defense it can be used into airshow fr folks trying to make airshow wiff or for people that are to far away from airshow… basically covers more space with airshow.

this is next level peacock shit, i suggest any of the 2-3 other people that read this thread to throw sweep cancel xx gdo into your game… i dont think you will be disappointed with intelligent use of it.

why not just forward dash or run into those moves?

because forward dash doesnt actually hit anything and because sweep cancel moves forward faster and because sweep cancel can cancel other normals unlike a forward dash

this is next lvl peacock shit yall.


Good stuff. Pretty much everything I would add is already here. One thing is, while it’s good to know exactly when item drop reaches a new level, you should be flexible about when you drop it, as it’s great for flling gaps in your projectile volleys.

Also, be careful with the sweep > GDO. If you’re too cose, GDO has a tendency to pass by the opponent, though you can use that to your advantage. In my experience, people tend to get hit if you cancel a whiffed GDO into Argus. I don’t know if they’re attempting to punish the whiff or if they’re attempting to pushblock it and getting a normal, but it has worked.

On a side note, I’ve been recording my recent matches. I’ve only uploaded the ones that go back and forth, but I have a bunch more where I pretty much don’t lose. Are they worth putting up? The most recent one wasn’t too lopsided and had some decent moments, including what looked like a ragequit ending. Don’t want it to look like I enjoy beating on newbies. I’d gladly upload videos where I got stomped.


hey, YEAH if you want to show some more ownage peacock that would be VERY nice… i personally think that one of the best ways to learn a character is to watch blowouts from that character… reasoning because blowouts generally feature much more obvious patterns and tendencies and therefor show what the player should be looking to do with said character.

higher level back and forth matches while excellent for the high level players of said character dont show a beginner how to use that character. they show a beginner how to mimick high level play… but that beginner will straight up lose to… anti beginner strats unlike the actual high level player.

ie higher level peacock fights:

the opponent moves forward a bit less, jumps a bit less… therefor is easier to run an overload strat against

beginner level peacock fights:

opponent never stops dashing/jumping forward… peacock under alot of pressure.

the only way to see how the fights transfer from lower level to higher level is to see a peacock own someone that uses that forward movement all day strat…

my peacock is stil decidedly ow level as i cant force patience upon my opponents yet… i mainly am getting stuff done by going offensive and it gets frustrating not being able to properly play keepaway with her… I want to press MOAR BUTTONS!

buttons are fun

-edit… also whats wrong with beating on newbies? i LOVE beating on newbs/beginners/scrubs/ whoever…

its always the MOST enjoyabe when theyknow a little bit abut what they ae doing… then you can bring out your best theory fighter shit and anti scrub tactics and look like a freakin G

like ddsouls vids where he owns up a bunch of players that arent nearly as good as him… those are some of my favorite p-cock vids :rofl:


I’m not saying it’s not fun. Beasting on someone is the best way to start the day. I just worry they won’t be as entertaining to watch, as I’m a very defensive player. Then again, it never hurts to have more SG media to view. I’ll upload at least the last set tonight, while I wait for the patch to go live.


Very good thread. Peacock is my best (and only) good character in SG and I devote her almost entirely to keepaway, which has been a winning strategy as I’ve won a local and placed 2nd at SB:A. Not sure if you’ve mentioned this, but an incredibly stupidly easy tactic (taken from MvC3) is crossup teleport. Simply call assist and do crossup teleport (or not crossup) for a free mixup. I haven’t tested this in a while, but IIRC the assist will follow you as you teleport. For example you can be fullscreen away, call assist and teleport, and the assist will come out around where you teleport. Depending on the assist this is even safe and you can get a combo off of it.

I’m trying to think of more to add, but you guys got a lot already, like how good bombs are and using j.JP and j.HK along with back airdahses to fly across the screen while throwing stuff on the screen.

Throwing GDO can be somewhat of a trap, since it will go across the screen until destroyed. It’s possible to be in the corner, throw a bomb and teleport out, and if you get punished or hit the bomb can save you.

I’m pretty sure the alpha counter item drop just drops the item as soon as you exit blockstun. While not a real alpha counter it forces the opponent to either safely end the blockstring or land a hit on Peacock. I also like to do this with pushblocking, because if you pushblock odds are they won’t be able to hit Peacock in time before the item drops.

Anyway great thread hope it develops. Peacock has some great neutral game (some of my favorite in any fighting game).


Posting up vids where you destroy noobs won’t really help, imo. Basically, you can just do w/e you want and as long as you have some knowledge/tactic to fall back on, you’ll never lose. Like, watching DD Soul vids would have you think that charging H Shadow during long range is a winning strat, as is running in full throttle with H Shadow charged, but that’s just because his opponents can’t figure out how to stop it/aren’t at the level where him not having access to his H moves is a problem. You can learn some pretty bad tactics from it, imo.

Anyway, to add to the discussion I want to talk about j.lp. Really good when mixed up with air grab, and; it’s fast, has a decent hit-box and can chain into a re-stand combo on hit, good to stop opponents from trying to knock you out of your grab attempt. Use to preempt air-to-air attempts and win out. Air throw with no item should always end with a GDO to deal with the forward tech, throw with level 1 can convert into lvl 2 item drop -> AA, throw with level 2 can convert into teleport combo.

Also, the GDO block string ender tends to miss Fortune if it’s done too close.


i dont think i took anything bad away from ddsouls vids… the stuff thats good is obvous and the trolling stuff is obvious and it really gives a player watching him perspective on how to make things work and why he gets away with some stuff whereas lesser players wouldnt.

though to be fair i havent watched his vids in awhile.

yeah, for beginning players i think its good to see a good player owning with there character… kinda like “this is what this character is capable of against the right opponents and in the right hands”

but for people that are already comfortable /know there characters very well then this type of play would do no good.

i certainly couldnt watch ibuki matches where shes using all the anti scrub tricks in the book cause im far beyond that… still, knowing that stuff right off the bat would imho help to learn her… i still use all my scrubbuster tech against good opponents… i just use it a WHOLE LOT LESS against them…

though im not willing to argue the point

good to know about MF.

i havent thrown j.lp into my game… what is the confirm?


Not willing to argue? Wtf? o_O

joking, lol. The confirm I use is j.lp, (variable hits, normally 2),, iad j.lp, (1 hit), Everything after the iad is on hit, you have enough time to do st.lp after the landing and that allows you to re-stand and combo into w/e.


Just realized that the confirm is either j.lp,, OR j.lp,, j.hp. It’s been a while, so I can’t remember which one it is. Just test and see.