Fierce Gear! how do you get started?

I’m not exactly sure how matchmaking is done with this, anyone care to help?

you cant actually play anyone with it yet. but soon hopefully.

Acctually a new version has been released

is it playable?

does fierce gear have anything to do with emulation?

its just an online hack for guilty gear xx #r pc

I’m perhaps discussing emulation, but i’m not asking for it anywhere, so it’s legal.

So is it playable yet? I wanna actually try to pick up GGXX#R for fun, especially if it’s online, and without lag/much lag.

my program doesn’t emulate nothing, it take the original Sammy product and change some system calls in order to add net gameplay to the game. It’s in alpha release stage so use it only if you want to help me in debugging process. The program is very stable but it’s full of development personal options that make it a little difficult to manage. I’ve decided to work first on funtionality and then in a user-frienly interface. Stay tuned cause is on the way, just need to correct few strange behaviours.

with the next ver will we actually be able to play against anyone? or at least see each other pick characters.

Ah programmer: Glad to hear you’re trying though, because not many people would do the same. I’m afraid i don’t know anything about debugging or anything of the sort, but i’ll patiently wait for it. :tup: I just wanted to know if it was actually working and stuff, but i got my answer now.

oh thanks, poor me there aren’t a lot of people that want to debug the program together with me and I have not enough time and friends to play with. Some days I see everything function in my personal lan but if I move for example to the work-pc I find problems. Added to this in Italy there aren’t serious connectiona, the best I can obtain at home is a 56K deleay: 350 packet loss: 15% even with italian server. Obviously it’s a connection where it’s impossible to play any game.
Ah, I’ve build up a supporter page at in wich there is a tier list of all supporters.

I just read the FAQs though, cause i skimmed through it last time, but since i’m at school i took my precious time. Anyways it definetly does have potential and i would definetly donate except i’m really broke right now. If i do get more money, i’d be more than glad to donate.

programmer is the man


Programmer p0//||z 3/3rY1 f0R fR33!!!111 :devil:

Times ago I’ve spoken in the cv forum regarding paypal donations. Basically I do not start the program with the idea of making some money but because I-NO owns me EVER so I wrote an hack in wich everytime they attack me with P my program transform it in K, H in HS eh eh eh, watching her doing some stupid combos was very fun. The guys at gc point me to open a paypal account and as you can see I’ve received ~30 euro (very happy indeed). Everytime I receive a mail of people saying “programmer, how much I need to donate”? I say to just wait for a stable release. When you will be able to play with your friends (and play at the best that your connection could) if you will enjoy the program, if you will use it daily then send me 1$. I do not want more from people.
If I receive 1$ from every people using fg I will earn ~2000$ and I will make a trip for the next evo eh eh eh.