Fierce Gear Matchmaking

Anyone here using FG? I’m down for some matches, as I’ve just installed it and I’m bored as hell.

My username is NappyJin on FG, btw.


I’ll try it out aim me at Doren2k and see if it works and stuff

man, this shit is not working… whenever i connect to someone we both cant move, controls wont work.

I’ve yet to try connecting with any one. Has it worked for any one?


ive never gotten it to work. i just hear my opponent connect to me when it says “dare devil”. im not suprised it doesnt work, he wasnt even planning to release netcode on this release, the netcode present on the latest version was only tested on his lan… its still got a long way to go

edit: didnt realize a new version hit today. ill check it out later

Ha ha tried again, I can keep dreamin. Hit me up SN = Karl Cactuar

Yeah didn’t Version 2.9.1 beta just come out today. Hopefully it works better than the previous ones. I guess I’ll have to try it some time with some one around here.


Just wondering, whats Fierce Gear. :xeye:

Feirce Gear, is a program that works with the PC version of Guitly Gear XX #Reload to allow online play. Via Direct Connect (similar to that of Zsnes). It has been in the works for a while now, if you want to find more information about it you could easily head on over to and read up on the Fierce Gear forums/articles.


yeah same shit happenes to me

its experimental folks…

Anyone else here wanna play?

My AIM is MayLarioto.