Fierce Punch on my SE stick stopped working

As soon as I got my SE stick, I did the washer fix (because mine was very clearly busted), and I have been using the stick for around 60 hours play time.

Tonight I was playing, and all of a sudden my fierce punch (RB) button stopped working. I tried restarting, but it still did not work. I don’t know what to do now. Is there something I can do myself, or do I just have to buy new buttons? Normally that wouldn’t be a problem, but the way things are going right now, it will take 2 months to get them.

So is there anything I can do? Is this a common problem? Any help would be appreciated.

Must have been too much Ken Fierce Shoryuken spamming.

You should have purchased buttons as soon as you got the SE. Try the SE defect thread.

Swap out the button for one of the black ones.

Good idea Ragnarok, I didn’t even think of that.

lol, I was playing as Abel and trying to set up the low fierce punch into ultra, and the low fierce was not coming out. Lost the match because of it :frowning:

Man, I wanted to order the stick and all of the buttons together. Oh well, I guess I will be ordering the buttons now and the stick in April.

Make sure that the USB cable is clean, connected proprely and the breakaway is connected properly.

Sometimes I lose inputs because that shit gets loose!

i herd washer fix so im guessing you voided your warrenty

open it up and see if any wires are lose. Maybe that mashing knocked one of the QDs off. Just plug it back on

Mine went out too. (Too much HP xx HP Galactic Tornado practice :frowning: )

I just switched it out with a black one. Works perfect now and super super easy to do.

It doesn’t matter if you voided your warrantee, sending it back to madcatz will cost almost the same amount as a real set of sanwa buttons.

Just buy a Sanwa stick+6 sanwa buttons for forty bucks and the stick will last longer than you will, it was MEANT to be modded, and the stock buttons and sticks are pieces of shit direct from the factory. They made it easy to mod for a reason…

Open is up and make sure all the cables are in firmly. My LT button was messed up and eventually just stopped working. After fiddling around with the wires(unplugging and replugging them all) it started to work perfectly fine. If that doesn’t work trying swaping buttons, or cables to try and isolate your problem. If neither of those works than it’s a problem with your PCB.

Is there something I am missing to these “quick disconnects?” I took the sleeve off and I am pulling at the disconnect until my thumb blisters, but to no avail. I don’t have a set of pliers on me - are they necessary? Or is there something simple I am missing.

Any help? I can’t seem to get those quick disconnects off for the life of me.

just wondering if anyone is having issues with the turtlebeach x3 headset and the SE Fightstick…cant hear anyone…and the ehadset acts like its idle and automatically shuts off ;(

I don’t have an SE but did use QDs on my seimitsu buttons. They were impossible to pull off just grabbing the sleeve. I found that what you could do is use your fingernails to grip the end of the rubber part of the QD, where it meets with the metal part. Then pull hard. Or just use pliers (much easier).