Fierce tk cancel *NEW TRICK?!*

I never thought of Using HP thunder knuckle feint to do anything but cancel from normals and seismos. In this video [media=youtube]wlcX0RV1kfQ[/media] you can see that you can use it on wake up if timed right to avoid a jump in just like if you were to use a ex seismo feint but the fierce tk cancel has 6 frames of full body invincibility, recovers faster than EX seismo feint, and uses no meter. ALL credit goes to Javitz and Andre Lambert aka twisted jago for finding this out.

If anyone finds any more uses for this trick please post it in this thread.
what i have found is that you can use the hp tk feint to avoid a jump in from most characters and avoid the OS sweep, and that sweep might be punishable from that close. Heres a video I made showing an example [media=youtube]isQYCT02Q4o[/media].

Are you able to block other OS options like OS DP/Tatsu from Ryu?

Thats what im checking right now ill reply with a answer in abit

you are able to avoid both the os tatsu and shoryuken from ryu as you can see in these videos…but to avoid the shoryuken u gotta do it at like the last second because if i did it to early it would punish my hp tk cancel.



Do these require true reversal timing as in the reversal word shows up on screen in order to work?

Nice find this is awesome. I feel like the timing would be strict though and I didn’t even know had that much invincibility. Also can you do a ex.seismo right after the feint to punish a os sweep or if the opponent just continues attacking.

Edit: It does require true reversal timing to work.
I got it to work on most meaty jump-ins except ryu’s hk

You just have to remember fierce TK has no invincibility to throws.

well the PPP button actually has a use now

I’m surprised you guys didn’t know this already

this isnt new, this was brought up a while ago, but was dismissed at that time due to consistency and execution levels. But now theres way more experienced viper, so maybe its good to take another look again

This. I’ve actually seen a couple of japanese players do it consistently, Isesuto uses it to dodge fei long chicken wings but idk if its dependent on the strength of the chicken wing. You can also use it to dodge balrogs straight if timed correctly. I don’t think its impossible to master but to figure out the moves you can go under will take time.

Seriously. Jayce and I’ve been using this for quite a while now >_>
I thought everyone already knew about this…

This is especially effective against Chun or Ryu, if they go for a meaty normal instead of a safejump after a knockdown. Usually the meaty normals have some sort of a OS behind it, but if you use this, you recover fast enough to block the OS, or just tech the throw attempt they do if they decide against an OS.

Yeh i remember bringing this up a few months ago. I’ve tried it a few times online with various results, it is tricky to time. Only person i’ve seen use this is sanford.

i thought this was even dated in Vanilla, just that its hard to be consistent with it

huh? fierce tk didnt have startup invincibility in vanilla…

but yea i remember people talking about this back when super came out

they buffed hp tk feint and gave it invince frames?

I didn’t know this trick until this thread. I tried it and am already using it in matches. Still needs some work but I’m sure we can find some ridiculous evasive maneuvers. Though it does demand timing and possibly auto correction at times, this shit is gold for me, thx Dj.

:confused: yes how do you think this specific trick works, becuase of the startup hit invinsibility which she didnt have in vanilla :wink:

i tried this with ryu. I registred ryu doing sweep and jump-in rh OS shoryuken… and everytime i get fucked… i’m sure that i don’t miss the feint. With others OS this trick is very good :wink:

its funny because I just posted this thread only a few days ago and Im already seeing vipers using this on psn and on xbox already.