Fierces and roundhouses to charge supers


Sorry if everyone already knows this, but I was just fooling around in training mode just now and found out this really cool thing…
You can cancel a fierce or roundhouse to a charge super. Stuff like Blanka’s fierce can connect to his electric ball super. But I found that I couldn’t do it when I input the command Fp, super… What i had to do was jab+fp (rh) then super… That’s why I found this strange. So, this means i can cancel bison’s slide to his super psycho crusher, or his cr. fierce to that and his scissor kick nightmare thingy… I just found this out, so I’m gonna test it…

Don’t flame me if this is already well known… I’m just getting back into fighting games:p

If you don’t understand what’s above, the basic movement that I tried was while charging, I did the move jab+fierce(or RH) and about immediately after the move I commenced to do the motions for the charge super, and it linked up… so there
Also, if you’re gonna do a RH it’ll be opposite lk+rh, then super

Also, if you’re concerned about the button press jab+fierce, it connects as a fierce…


i was talkin to para and another cool thing he said was that he could combo bison’s cr. RH into both his supers. i havent tested but if you could do this, then think about the other possibilities…

vega, slide into red impact
:eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

goddamnit another fucking reason to hate vega…


interesting. RC’ing a charged super (red impact / electric ball / etc.) = yikes. :eek: :wasted:


Actually, it ain’t even RC, I was using K groove:lol:
Please tell me if this is useful, cause i just found something that I think is really cool!


well yeah that is frikking scary, but para’s talking about is being able to cancel from normals that aren’t cancel-able

hell i havent tried it out but im thinking about how any connected poke could possibly lead to a super now … drools

remembers how this could beef up vega

cries :frowning:


Um …

Blanka c.HP and Bison c.HK are both cancelable into supers. Vega’s slide is not, but his c.HP is. I’m not sure what the big deal is here.

You can cancel Bison’s c.HK into the scissor kick super, but it wouldn’t juggle anyway so what’s the point?

Sorry to be raining on your parade.


Well, if those moves can connect, I can’t do them… Is there a certain timing to this? Because I can do a cr. fierce to electric blanka ball easy the method im doing, yet I cant do it normally by pressing fierce… The characters that are useful for this are balrog’s cr.fierce, guile’s crouching fierce, bison, and blanka…
E.Honda doesn’t work because his super wont connect well after the fierce and RH… Also, vega because he will jump back either one you press (his command flip) same with blanka’s hopping thing…

I dunno then, can someone tell me if there’s actual use for my method then, or am I just saying a bunch of bullshit:(


No, I’m not RCing… I’m cancelling the combination of jab+fierce into a super… like blanka cr. fierce into blanka electric ball


well actually i was correcting blodiavulcan5 but i deleted the post anyways


O, I see… Anyway, after another half hour of testing, the moves do connect without my two button method. But, I have not been able to connect the most useful one (to me at least) Blanka’s crouching fierce to his super. I’m guessing it’s a timing thing, but for some reason I can’t do it. However, I have an easier time doing it my way… Maybe my way is sort of a timing thing, it makes it easier to connect. Either that or I’m not doing it right…

Any way you put it though, I was just posting my find to see if it was something that was valid… Thanks for your reply/ies


YOu have to be up close for those moves to cancel. Check the CVS2 Guide book, it has plenty of into on what moves are super cancellable.


your probably negative edging the jab into the super and dont realise it. you said you do this in k-groove right? well try in c-groove and see if a level 1 comes out.

either that or the way you do it is some sort of glitch, and your using the jab to create a kara cancel or something.


I gotta test that when I’m at home, but last night I believe I connected with a lev.2 super when I tried C groove…

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I gotta go with Majestros and Bahn. Eagle’s standing close fierce can’t be cancelled into specials, but it can be cancelled into supers. Some moves are just like that.


I did it in C groove and it went to a lev.1 so I dunno… I think it just makes cancelling the moves easier for me…


You have to cancel the moves up close and on the first few frames. Super Easy comboability goes for alot of fierce attacks. I once canceled a fp Shoryuken of Sakuras off of her far away Fierce. Theres some strict timing involved. BUT if you were a leet player with blanka you would do Cross up forward cr.short cr.short st.JAB LEVEL 2 or 3 direct lightning. OR SJ.roundhouse (maintain charge while in air) Crouching FIERce DIRECT lightning. OR in the Corn SJRoundhouse crouching Roundhouse Electric mashable super. HEHE. LAter gents

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Yea, I know there’s more setups, but I just never fooled around with fierces and RHs to supers. Could be negative edging that I’m doing, I dunno


To prevent negative, just hold the button and hit super with a different button. Or you can just double tap.

I suggest you start practicing guile’s c.fwd into super first. It’s the easiest. After you get that down, then learn c.fierce into supers for other characters.