FIFA 10 Thread

Yo anyone play Fifa 10 on the ps3? This def my favorite game and right behind is SF.
Anybody wanna get down on some Fifa?

psn: topdawg122

fifa is easily one of the sickest most gratifying games.

there is so much glory in scoring a sick goal, probably the most realistic sports game out there

I’ll add you when I finish uni at the moment I can’t play games online.

That being said, I’ve made people cry through fifa. Only football games get people so riled up. If you have a lot of people over it’s worth playing the fifa drinking game.

World Cup 2010 comes out the same day as SSFIV, fyi

what’s the fifa drinking game? I play fucked up all the time, but now it’s gonna be even more sick. I make people rage quit all the time too, it’s pretty funny.

Yeah, I know :frowning:
Probably gonna pass on WC and get SSF4, still play FIFA 10 a lot so no biggie.

When I play.
Losing=1 Shot
Red card= 1 Shot
Not scoring in the game = 1 shot
Losing by 5 goals = 1 shot.
Losing by 10 ( lol) = 3 shots.

Conceding a goal = 2 fingers
Getting a yellow card = 2 fingers
Looking like a fool after someone skills you = 2 fingers.

You can add things like swearing at the ref, typical things Andy Gray says etc. to the list.

and the tantrums in Fifa make me laugh so much, the game has a competitive edge to it. Nothing makes me sicker though that making a spectacular come back then losing on penalties or losing by a last minute goal.