Fifa 13 Thread


I’m sorry, I couldn’t think of anything witty for the title.

I bought Fifa 13 about a week ago. It’s my first Fifa game since I played Fifa on ps2. Couldn’t find a good place to talk about the game and since I’m on this site pretty often, and I couldn’t find a Fifa 13 thread, I figured why the hell not. I’ve always been a casual soccer fan, watching the main tournaments like the World Cup and Euro Cup. I’m starting to get into soccer more so I’m gonna use the game to learn about different leagues and players.
I’m really enjoying the game. I can’t figure out how others feel about it. When I read people complaining about it some complain it’s too slow, others that it’s too fast; some that the defense is too strong, others that it’s too weak. It seems like there’s a lot of people playing though.
I’m focusing on Ultimate team and it’s a blast. Feels like a cross between Magic the Gathering (in terms of buying packs, buying single cards/players, and trying to improve your deck/team) and a loot based game (in terms of wanting to find the next best thing to boost you up). I focused on a bronze team first, made it an English team since most of my players were English. Gonna switch it to and MLS team so I can learn some stuff about MLS. Next I’m gonna make a gold Barclay’s Premier League team so I can learn that league (since matches from that league are always on fox soccer channel). Eventually I’m gonna make my silver team based on the Mexican league, since I get their matches sometimes too on the Spanish sports channels.

Some things I haven’t figured out though (there was no instruction manual with the game, which is becoming an epidemic in video games. Sometimes if they do add a manual it’s more of a pamphlet than a manual).
-Rare players (when their number is white). What makes them rare? I bought a gold rare Swedish BPL player for like 800 gold who’s rating is in the mid to high 70’s early on thinking I would make a killing on him, but he’s not worth jack right now. I somewhat know what to look for in players now, so I looked at his stats to see what makes him rare, and I couldn’t figure it out. None of his attributes are impressive, and his skill and weak foot are 3 stars. Is it simply because he’s well balanced?

I had other questions, but I can’t think of them at the moment. Anyway, hope this thread gets some chatter from other people who are playing the game.


I prefer Virtua Striker.

We don’t have a Fifa thread but it would be cool to discuss other titles like PES and… that’s all I can think of.

Taking diving to a new level


I considered getting PES but the fact that most of their players aren’t the real players really bugged me. I feel like a hypocrite though because I was really upset when EA more or less monopolized football (American football that is). It’s just a lot more fun/ interesting to play with the actual players.

I remember there was a Lawrence Taylor football game that came out with all made up players in an effort to challenge Madden, and that seemed to fail pretty badly. If you’re going to create a sports game with fictional players, you might as well go nuts with it. For example, when I was a kid there was a sports video game with zombies or mutants or monsters or something. There was a cartoon show as well (that I actually watched, disappointed I can’t remember what it’s called).

Also, I am sad for the lack of chatter in this thread. I figured there’d be at least a few srk folk to talk to about the game. Maybe I should add some lil B video’s and steal some people from the lil B appreciation thread.


No don’t I hate those guys :coffee:


Whatever you do, don’t get the VITA/Wii version. They’re just re-skinned games of FIFA Football.


PES is garbage and this is coming from someone who used to be a fanboy. Downloaded the demo and it just felt =/ for me the series peaked at 6. Anyway FIFA 13 is the best FIFA game I’ve played so far, I despised 12 something about it felt off/incomplete. FIFA 13 feels like a realistic simulations of the game, only thing that pisses me off gameplay wise is the AI defensively, offensively the players make reasonable runs but defensively they just seem to stand around and fail to close the opposition down.

I don’t like playing the computer either, it feels unrealistic in the sense that things are far to organised also feel as though the game is scripted. Playing with friends is great playing online is hit or miss majority of people pick Real Madrid or Barcelona and then quit in the second half.


“Based ball” isn’t footie.

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So what’s the consensus on PES vs FIFA, gameplay differences?


I haven’t played the latest games from both series but from what I know of FIFA back in 2006, EA’s more of a sim so a little slower but I’ve heard in recent years they’ve improved that and have the better online compared to PES. PES always had the better control system IMO lead to more fun playing the game so I’ve preferred that one myself, but I am thinking of giving FIFA a try later this year, myself.