FIFA 16 includes Women's national teams for the first time ever. 1st step forward raising standards


FIFA 16 is adding more improvements too (which we’ll learn as it gets closer to release),
the first huge leap forward for FIFA Women’s soccer in the franchise. :slight_smile:
I would say the best timing to play a FIFA will be FIFA 16, the first soccer game that respects equality professionally.
This is a positive game changer for a lot of soccer fans and Women’s soccer fans,
including girls that play/watch soccer that want a AAA budget yearly videogame that represents women in soccer too,
so international soccer can be played at home, even for those that have no local 11 vs 11 soccer games to participate in.

FIFA 16 will be the first soccer game that will earn a broader spectrum of soccer fans.
Even those that normally don’t play sports games could now be interested.

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Nice, another videogame to fap to.




Too bad FIFA irl is ridiculously corrupt


I don’t think it works like that lol.
Women’s football lacks the fans and financial support. This really should have happened years ago.

I want to see the stats, I will lol hard if Arsenal women’s team have better stats than the men’s, they sure do win a hell of a lot more.


I really doubt adding women to the game is going to do a whole lot to broaden Fifa’s audience, if they weren’t interested in the game before this is going do very little to change their minds.

Besides Winning 11>>>>>>Fifa.


Can’t wait to be Hope Solo and be an asshole to everyone.


Yes, I’m going to start paying these shitty games because there are women in them. LOL Nope! Waitin’ for the nude patch, though.


Oh affinity…


PES got da fox engine doe


This is tokenism at its finest.

Caring about X vs caring about caring about X.

People who are not even interested in women’s soccer and don’t even buy FIFA cheering for this thing just to feel good about themselves.


I think it is great for players new to the series, they can learn the game in a non threatening, non competitive atmosphere, and when they are ready, they can up the difficulty and play in one of the real leagues.


oh jeez Kromo lol


There’s only been one time that soccer hasnt been boring as fuck

Who do you think is in more pain? The man who kicked someone in the balls so hard that he broke his own leg, or the man who got kicked in the huts so hard that he broke a guy’s leg?


more info coming at E3!! also interview:

official original trailer

over 4,049,000 views.


only 13,418 dislikes (lol @ the sexist oppressive sausage licking losers out there, but those degenerate haters are in the tiny minority, they can go choke and drown in their own hate.)

Women’s teams in FIFA games are going to make the the series and sport and Women’s soccer matches more popular.
FIFA 16 will be even become the first videogame for a lot of soccer girls, so they have something to play even when
they can’t play soccer outdoors. Like if it’s raining outside, time to launch FIFA 16!! :slight_smile:


Just another option in the game to skip over, a bit like adjusting the gamma on your tv.

" so they have something to play even when they can’t play soccer outdoors. Like if it’s raining outside "

Say’s it all really


How does adding women teams to FIFA take away from the game? You know, playing any female team is OPTIONAL. It just gives people more options of who to play with.

You are a giant piece of shit if you think adding women to the game’s roster makes the game worse.


Case in point


What point are you making, you dick discharge.

All they are doing is adding in more options. That’s it. There’s no reason to cry about it because you don’t have to play a team you don’t want to.

How much of a selfish, woman-hating asshole are you that just the OPTION of being able to play as a woman ruffles your drawers?


I agree it’s not a bad thing, it’s just a thing that 95% of the football watching world just dont care about
By all means put it in the game, just dont expect anybody to care.

The bigger picture for me is how will the female players play? things like shot power jump height speed just general ability.
And of course will fifa 16 have comedy female goalkeeping, because if you’re gonna do this do it properly