Fighstick faceplate replacement

I’ve been borrowing my friends Madcatz TE arcade edition “S” stick for a while now. I recently accidentaly left it outsidein my car and the heat warped the faceplate. I’ve looked around online for a replacment for the “S” series but can’t seem to find one. Anybody know of a place I can get one from? If not, will a faceplate for a TE2 fit on the “S” series? If so, where couldi buy a replacement for cheap? A replacement for a TE2 from Madcatz is $40.00 nd that seems like a lot to me. Any help would be greatly appreciated because like I said, the stick isn’t mine and I need to fix it.

You can get a replacement acrylic panel from art’s hobbies.

Props for realizing you need to fix this, but no, there will not be some 10 buck fix.

See if your friend would rather have a new acrylic one from arthong, or the replacement from Madkatz itself.

Also check and make sure the stick is in fact working totally normally. Button, stick, turbo check. Don’t wanna buy a new top and find out the stick itself is FUBAR’d.

I’m sure the metal did not warp. Just replace the art, after you make sure that it works.

yeah, it is totally possible that it is just the artwork that got warped and the metal panel itself is fine. If that is the case, you can just get some artwork and acrylic done from tek-innovations to replace the art. Still, you are going to be spending about $50 to fix it, no matter how you slice it.

Round 2 not TE2.

Which option do I go with then? The extended or the full? And would I be able to customize the art that I get or is there only stock art to pick from?

Read this for an answer.

In short: It’s your choice. Most likely you will want full.
The TE Round 1 and 2 sticks have less area covered by plexi when compared to the TE-S, bezel included. From what RTDZIGN posted, the following link explains the plexi part fully:
It also mentions that you provide the art to Art (pun intended), and he’ll chop it to the right size. :slight_smile:
Great link rtdzign!