Fighstick help

So I have been reading about fight/arcade stick threads and I am tempted to trying to get back into fight sticks as I always use the pad. I was curious what would be a good stick for me to get. I have a budget of 50. I am looking into these guys (notes I am using ps2, ps3 and pc) I will put the urls below. So I was curious any tips to using the stick and what are good sticks in my budget? I havn’t used a stick in awhile and when I have used it recently it was for a match or two and I wasn’t much succesful but I kinda liked it.

here is what I am looking into


I would avoid both of those like the plague. The madcatz brawlstick is pretty much the only thing in the $50 range I would consider. Check out the review thread if you haven’t already.

I have a Mayflash, and while it is a horrible piece of equipment in the long run, for 30 bucks it fits any budget and can help you ascertain whether or not you even like using a stick.

However if money isn’t an issue, than I’d at least try and get a TE or something.

Pretty much any other stick out there is better quality than the two you have listed.

I would advocate the Madcatz product. They’re pretty quality sticks for what you pay for. If ever you decide you want to upgrade to higher quality parts, you can certainly do so, and for less than the cost of a brand new $120+ stick.

Yeah, I havn’t heard good things about the mayflash, I just want to try to get back into sticks and if I can’t I wouldn’t waste 80 bucks to 159 as spare money doesn’t come easy to me.

Which is the exact reason as to why I purchased a Mayflash. It was my first stick, and it was cheap.

Get it if you like, just don’t expect it to last too long. Modding it would cost more money than the damn thing is worth in itself. :rofl:

I just am having a bad feeling I will get a bad impression from it though and I won’t want to use another stick. I just havn’t uesd a stick in so long. I am looking into that brawl stick, I actually have seen it before; it is easy to mod the face, I want to change the skin because as a real wrestler, WWE wrestling kinda makes me sick :confused:

I know it doens’t mean much but still, I am not going to go to tournaments with a wrestling stick, I have too much pride.

I am thinking of willing to bump my budget up to 70. I am actually willing to buy a used stick off someone here who doesn’t need one.

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How much is shipping? If you give me time, I can gather the money in probably in 1 month. I am sorry, man but like I said money doesn’t come fast. You can sell it if you want though if you are in a rush.

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Just an option I was presenting, no rush.

1)What does that even mean?
2)Just an option I was presenting, don’t take it too seriously.

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I don’t see the beef? it is either via email, via SRK. Either way idgaf, trading here or trading there. I appreciate your concern though.

Ok man, I am legitamitely consideirng this offer. I’ll pm you with my skype and email if you would like so we can discuss this just in case we get banned, and all that good stuff.

Ok, so we’ll communicate by e-mail. Problem solved?


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You are much better off checking out the trading outlet and finding a seller with a good reputation. You might find a better deal too.