Fight! Action Sequence (Full color!)7pages

Here’s our latest action scene. We messed around a bit with tracers and a few different types of sound effects. A lot of time way spent trying to create interesting angles and effects to try to bring the action to life.

C&C is welcome.



Those are some really lovely coloring and drawings. What’s with the cat? He/She kinda threw me off. Outside of that, it looks Great.

Nice work. I like your comics.

I believe that cat is a magical being, most likely male since he’s referred to as a lord.


Nice comic I think you need to brief me on the plot though luscious background and good battle color scheme. The violence seemed misused due to lack of character development and lack of dialogue plus wtf is up with the cat :bluu:

hey, nice stuff… you should have made the link to your web page a bit more obvious though :wink:

it’s good reading, flowing lines and all… it somewhat reminds me of the Johnny Quest cartoons (the old ones). And are you a gun enthusiast? You seem quite detailed with the loading sequence of the chaingun (pull out legs, load belt + lower cover in place).

AFAIK tracers are for night use only? And they’re like 1 every 5th round or something. If you didn’t mention it was a tracer I’d assumed the green lines were lasers or something.

good stuff, like your site.

:slight_smile: I’m Jealous. I mean it! Just…kill the cat next time.

AWESOME. how did you color your images? what programs do you use? that was great.:slight_smile:

seems to me that you don’t draw then scan. you have one of those pads that allows you to use a “pencil” to draw on it and the image that you drew will appear on the screen, right? and you color that way? thats what it seems like. i’m not sure, just guessing. but its awesome. good job. give me so tips on how you went about coloring, and everything. thx.

Personally I wanted to see how the cat was gonna ‘take care them’:eek: Awesome job man! The pace of the panels are excellent! I’ve been to your website before and I believe I’ve met you on animebelle forums which is where I saw you post your website n art. Keep it up man!:smiley:


We use FlashMX for 95% of the art, the smoke,clouds,dust, lighting effects and blood are done in photoshop. We use wacom tablets and draw straight into the computers.

The Shit

Awsome work, I love the colors and the story so far is awsome. Keep it up