Fight Club 3/17 & 3/18

Fight Club 3/17 [Maryland]

Fight Club @ Widow Maker Game Center

JC Media will be running a ‘Fight Club’ tournament at WMGC. We will be facilitating the best fighting game titles today in hopes of crowning a true fighting game champion.

Widow Maker Gaming Center
7901 Central Avenue
Capitol Heights, Maryland
Time: Registration begins at 11am each day.

Entry Fee: $10 (per game)
Venue Fee: $10
Prize: 70/20/10 Split

Saturday Games:
12pm - Super Smash Bros.
12pm - Virtua Fighter 5
12pm - Street Fighter 2: Super Turbo
2pm - Dead Or Alive 4
2pm - Guilty Gear Slash
4pm - Soul Calibur 3
4pm - Capcom vs SNK 2
6pm - Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection
7pm - Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

This is a great chance for gamers in the DC Metro area to come out and support a new gaming center. Good luck to everyone who competes!


If you need to take the DC METRO TRAIN, to the event, the closest stop is MORGAN BOULEVARD. (BLUE LINE)

The train stop is a 1/2 mile from the GAMING CENTER. Please use Mapquest in order to ensure you do not get lost !!!

If you plan to take the CHINATOWN BUS to the event. Please take the CHINATOWN BUS to Washington DC. Then in tern, take the DC METRO STATION. The GALLERY PL-CHINATOWN station is seconds away from where the bus drops you off.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to POST UP, or EMAIL

Transportation Added.

Smash Moved to Saturday @ 12!

yay reasonable fees :smiley:

what kind of tv setup and crap is going to be going on here? im sure people would want to know…

also no marvel = :arazz:

I would go… but it’s St. Patrick’s Day.

Gotta get fucked up and find white girls.

We’ll have non-alcoholic green beer there! JK

JC Media.

Sends havoc white women…

thats a good point… bad day to hold a tourney. Reasonable fees and decent location. Too bad u picked a bad day. I would really rethink that. Also too many tourneys. We dont know what kind of space you have but some tourneys can take quite a while. There are ALOT of games ur trying to run. You should really cut it down. You dont want this to turn into a smash tourney man… cause then only like 5 people will show for others. Im very very serious please re- ajust your times and cut down to certiain tourneys. Most C3’s or people who go to tourneys alot know exactly what i am talkin about!

O snap JC is right… it is on sunday…

Actually St. Patty’s Day is on Saturday, but you will have the entire night to drink!!

The Venue itself is pretty good size. We will have a good number of set-ups, so we should be fine.

NO im saying its too big lol…

How many big screens. Specifics… lets have it man. Your trying to start your own thing when other tourneys have been establish. Convince me and all these other people who may or may not go. Specs on tv’s? Time open till? Are u really goona have all those tourneys at the same time? all for 10? VF5 for 10 when i know for a fact not many of us have played it enough to put 10 on it. Only 1 person i know owns the game… cmon man.

The Gaming Center itself has newer TVs (2 VERY large DLPs, and 8 LCDS) We can use those for the newer games like T5: DR, VF5, and DOA4. I don’t know any specifics beyond that. If you ask a certain question, I can research it for you and let you know

For the older games, our company will be BRINGING our own equipment from our storage. We purchased a large amount of equipment (Remember we are doing a LARGE tour this year )

We have a good number of TVs (Althought I think we are bringing 3) a good number of copies for each game, etc etc. So equipment will not be a problem.

The founders of JC Media are the ones who have the credibility of running successful tournament up and down the East Coast. This is just a new venue, that is all.

You guys have the place till 2am

Not at the same time, that is why we have a schedule. Yes, all for $10

You can’t make everyone happy. You put VF5 at $5, then the Hardcore VF players complain that their game isnt getting the respect it deserves, and/or they wont want to travel. That also includes players who want to travel from NYC, but wont because of the low entry.

In a nutshell, we know what we are doing. We would love to see you out ! We’re sure everyone will have a great time. Thank you for your questions and concerns and we hope we eased some of your fears.

JC Media.

Thanks for clarifying and ill see you there…

I’ll be attending this event so come out guys and get owned by me. Thanksss

I should go to beat you down in 3s when u try to pick crappy characters

haha i wanna see you try again. come down then punk. lol

Nice !! It’s always good to see a humble top player attend a JC event !! :looney: :rofl: :wgrin: :rock: :sweat: :wink:

sorry guys, due to unforseen circumstances, I won’t be able to come. Sorry guysss.

That is unfortunate, however Im sure things can turn around, and you still will be able to attend. Either way, thank you for the update.

JC Media.

LOL. I totally missed this thread. Should have put the location in the topic but…yeah.

Sounds interesting. I dunno if you’ll a turnout for all of those games in 1 weeks time but we’ll see. Having it right after FRX may cause money issues for people but 10 dollar entry fee still isn’t bad if the place is nice.

We understand that not everyone can make it to Final Round. Those that do make it to ATL, and still want to compete in our tournament, more power to them.

BTW- Are you going to FRx Devil Jin ??

JC Media.

I will bring some people for this event I got alot of really good players that have been in hibernation for this event thanks for the head’s up!!!

Sadly I have to work that day… but this place is a mile from my house and a half mile from my job. I’ll see what I can do.