Fight Club in DFW


Friday the 28th @ 7pm and almost every Friday after this one!

This is a great place to meet up and play if you live closer to the middle of DFW than the NE side of Dallas. Great location with plenty of parking!

We have a 65" 1080p tv downstairs. Upstairs is a very large “gamer room” with 4 large desks/4 tvs/8 stools side by side (very arcade like).

Set up will be: SF4 on big screen downstairs, upstairs will be SF4, BlazBlue, VF5, and KOF12 all going simultaneously side by side. Game on big screen may change if enough ppl want.

Would like to do a couple of ranbat series over here at some point if there is enough interest.

We have a 360 downstairs on the main screen and one upstairs. Will need at least 3 ppl to bring their 360. And don’t forget your sticks!!!

another thing about our place: You can drink (I know I will) but please no drugs. Leave shoes at the door like House of Goons. Eat before you come (this rule may change in the future) You make a mess you clean it up. That’s all really.

Also, if you wear a bandanna of any kind then it will be immediately removed, you will be forced to dress up like a Klingon, we will take you into the back yard and beat you with sticks, and then dance around on your mutilated body while singing “Shiny Happy People”

For real, don’t test us on this one.

4416 Northern Cross
Fort Worth, TX 76117

832-984-1768 ask for Kent