Fight Club -- West coast SF3 tourney -- Sun. Oct 6th

UPDATE: date changed. for anyone who couldn’t post before, you should be able to now.

West Wonderland is hosting their second SF3 tourney.

Full details over on our forums.

Sign up over there.

We had a full roster last time with like 10 extras so sign up quickly if you want a spot.

Can’t access thread

Apples what the hell did u do to the thread =\ I can’t access it or edit my post u should have left it alone in the games section :shake:

yah it says moved and i cant access

oh uhh, oops, I think it should be fixed now. I moved it into the announcements section. i guess that section is restricted or something.

Tourney has been moved to Sunday Oct 7th

I have decided it would be best if Fight Club is held on Sunday instead because on Saturdays is where you can make all your plans to go out since you don’t have school/work the next day unlike Sunday. Its still the same time though 6pm pacific 8pm central and 9pm eastern time.

sorry bout the problems earlier, everything should be working now.