Fight Clubs?

Is there a place where people keep track of what places are good in what areas, as far as fighting game scenes, gaming cafes ETC in major cities. I jump around, all up and down the east coast and some times online play doesn’t do it for me i wana go meet people and have fun. It’d be nice to have like a roster of active gaming cafe’s with good fight scene’s.

No offence if your a gaming cafe owner but most I’ve come across seem to be slightly slow to this new stuff called communication and advertising. It’s hard to hunt things down… Then have the nerve to complain about broke they are…anyways I’m just starting to rambling now.

If I’m in the wrong area please redirect me and delete this.

Regional Match making section.

Wow cant believe I missed a whole thread…clearly labeled.

Rule #1 forbids me to talk about Fight Club.