"Fight For the Cure" Super Street Fighter 4 XBOX Live Online Tournament

WHAT: Fight For the Cure Super Street Fighter 4 XBOX Live Online Tournament.

WHO: The Tournament will be organized by Arman ?Rm519? Ramazyan, Yameng ?Yammy? Song, and Marc Nguyen. Streamed Live on djwheat.tv and sponsored by BL Gaming.

WHEN: West Coast: Saturday Sept.18 at 3pm PST
East Coast: Sunday Sept.19 at 6pm EST following LiveOnThree

WHERE: Your couch!

WHY: 80% of all entry fees will benefit the Susan G. Komen For the Cure breast cancer foundation, 20% goes to the pool. 40% will be matched by BL Gaming added to the pool.
Prizes will also be given away to stream viewers.


  • 128 Players Max [64 Players from West Coast and 64 Players from East Coast]

  • 8 Pools

  • Single Elimination

  • Tournament Mode organized by chosen volunteers from BL Gaming and the Epileptic Gaming Community

  • 3/5 Rounds

  • $10 Entry Fee

  • Top 8 players (winner from each pool) will play a Finals bracket

  • Single Elimination

  • 2/3 Rounds

  • 2/3 Matches

Payout 70/20/10

*Complications and connection issues should be minimized by having two separate tournament days for east coast and west coast.
*Player pools will be seeded by Player skill so well known players wont have to fight each other early game and will spread out the skill set to make the tournament overall even.

Sign up and Registration at: FFTC Tournament Registration

If you do not wish to participate the tournament, you can also donate to the cause by clicking here. All donations go to the Susan G. Komen For the Cure foundation.

Cant wait :smiley:

You probably would get more players if it was at least double elimination instead of single.

Unfortunately running a double elimination tournament with the amount of people expected to join would take way too long to organize and run online. Even with half the people expected to participate would be hectic. Trust me its for the best

I see pools are at least bo 5 rounds. is it also bo 3 matches, or just 1?

the pools are best out of 5 rounds, but the pool play is only ONE match.