In the beginning God created Ohnuki. Three days later, God created 3rd STRIKE. Five days later, God created bitches, weed, and top life. Anyways, a grand total of **10 teams **entered!!!

Request Battle
Joe Dubbs (KE) beats Renic (AL)
Vinny (KE) beats Bean (YU)
5star (KE) beats Pyrolee (YU)
Ray Ramos (DU) beats Matt Chin (KE)
5v5 Results** (10 Teams)
1.)Game to the Over: 5Star (KE)/ Tenren (IB)/ Sherwin (DU)/ Arlieth (MA)/ Bean (YU)
2.) Lotus: Pyrolee (YU)/ Vinny (KE)/ LetBloodRun aka AUR (CH)/ Joe Dubbs (KE)/ Renic (AL)
3.) Chin Killaz: Matt Chin aka GOD (KE)/ Eric Chin (YU)/ Ray Ramos (DU)/ Sherry (CH)/ Mike Menace (HU)/ Ironfist (DU) lost to Game to the Over
4.) 3SK: Javi (KE)/ Mio (GO)/ FM aka Juan (RY)/ Symbolic (Q)/ Rix (IB) lost to Lotus and Chin Killaz
5.) M^2.A.R.C: Marc Cesar (DU)/ NG Mark (UR)/ Carlos (KE)/ Azad (Q)/ Rob Greco (CH) lost to Lotus
5.) Real Americans: Dae (GO)/ BustaBust (YU)/ Duralath (AL)/ Ian (UR)/ Chan (KE) lost to Game to the Over
5.) Pussy/Money/Weed: Pherai (GO)/ Gene Wong (CH)/ 4y3Paragon (YU)/ Tom C (NE)/ Dander (KE) lost to Chin Killaz
5.) Blue Steel: Nema (CH)/ Louie Zamora (KE)/ Abom (KE)/ NNNN (UR)/ Zantua (YA) lost to 3SK
7.) Fuck it: JJ (GO)/ Jack (KE)/ Manny (UR)/ Chris (IB)/ LBC (YA) lost to M^.A.R.C
7.) We Started in 09: Johnny (DU)/ Paper (RE)/ Heartless (KE)/ Siegelement (AL)/ Multimix (UR) lost to Pussy/Money/Weed


  • Tenren finishing off Pyrolee in grand finals. Wait til you see the DVD…
  • 5star never having to play a single match in tournament
  • me being drunk at 7:33 AM.
  • louie-sama fuckin SHIT UP!
  • lenin being a faggot.
  • a parking lot full of 3rd strike
  • thank you spacemonkey for photographing the event with a LEGIT ass setup. UMBRELLAS son! his photos from the event can be viewed here,
  • kimchi tacos not having any kimchi.
  • nice airborne flame punch bro

thank you thank you thank you to all of you who have come to support the game we love and enjoy. A NEW ERA OF 3RD STRIKE (3 h2h 3rd strikes and TV feed)!!!


Link to the pictures?

spacemonkey will post up his flickr as soon as he is done editing.

Woah, Arlieth showed up? Last I heard, he quit 3S for Melty Blood.

Good shit guys. Can’t wait for the DVD!

Third Strike never dies, only scrubs do

My apologies team. Last night was just not our night.

I’m so proud of you Tenren…I believed in you (no homo).


goes to show that playing on GGPO/2df is not necessarily that bad for training.

Good times, fun games. I woke up with a crazy hangover but that’s ok seeing everyone again was awesome. Events like this should happen more often.

Oh I found a ring. I dunno why there was a ring in my pocket? :\ So if anyone is missing a ring, just PM what it looks like and I’ll return it to you.

fun ass tourney! i need to get better! good seeing everyone there and seeing a bunch of new faces too! pretty sick. gg’s to tenren, good match man! and gg’s to bean, thanks for taking me out :frowning: lol.

Good stuff everyone , so much top tier play :looney: Next time I will do better :china:

Nice meeting Bean, Dae , Matt, and a few others :tup:

Big thx to Symbolic, because with out him I wouldn’t have gone to this event :tup:

sorry, picture will be up in hopefully 2 days (goin to a U2 concert today so I can’t edit today)… Gotta make sure I post only the best. GREAT stuff though so stay tuned! I’m happy with the results

no victoly? :C

good shit tenren :lovin:

i knew you would make a highlight on this lol good shit tearin it up

3s is the FUTURE~

Glad it was a good turnout as well as good matches being played. You know its a good turnout when Urien Marc even shows up. GGs to all.

P.S. “I won the future! I won the future!” Too much fun at Jug Jug afterwards.

Great times last night! I really need to get out to Denjin more along with all those runs at AI. Still trying to level up.

GS to my team. Sorry I couldn’t pick up the slack when it was necessary, but I’ll get it next time! Oh, and more GS to Yi’s team for beasting.

Tenren, you’re a fucking beast. I will never look down on GGPO ever again.

Nema, level up, man!

To the rest of you: See you at the next one!

The future is now.

Good times last night everyone… Sorry the capture card was sorta acting up and apologize about the late start due to that… Hope everyone had fun.

Matt JR Sherry Ray and Mike had fun playing with you guys and girl. 1

Thanks to the people that helped run it.

Well get the dvd’s out asap. Thanks for a great turn out. See who says everything has to revolve around winning money.

5$ a Perosn 5v5 Single Elim

  • People that stayed and watched that couldn’t find a team <- I think

Going to be working on the capture card displaying on the TV correctly on tuesday. So there shouldn’t anymore delays… EH who am I kidding the people that run the tournies are asians… So of course they are going to run late.

pre order me one of them dvds

you kids bring tears to this old man’s eyes and a smile to my face.