full results posted, someone help me w/ missing team member in fuck it

Street Fighter 3 3rd Strike

Future has been secured.

Thanks for all those that came to support the game they love. Hope to see you all again for the next tournament.

We will be working on the DVD this week, anyone with good art or photoshop skills can make us a box cover, PM me.

I believe the missing member is LBC (YA).

and 3s FOR LIFE SON!!!

Chan, that might be Sherry’s?

i love 3rd strike.
alright guys, enough of the cocky jokes and attitude, i fucking suck at this game.
congradulations to the winners, and myteam who did everythingwhile i lost theonly match i played.
the future is here, 3rdstrike4lyf bro

Good shit to Tenren.

Rep that nasty ibuki

haha Tenren actually made it out to Denjin! sucks I couldn’t make it out to this, I hope to be living in LA before the next big tourney.

Cheers to the Denjin crew, you guys don’t get enough credit for keeping this game hot in socal.

Thank you so much to everyone who attended and made this an event to remember! For people who didn’t go and are disappointed that some old familiar names aren’t present, do not lose hope. New talent is coming up in the 3s scene (with a good balance of experienced players), which is exactly what this game needs. It’s a new era for 3s. Time to stop looking back on the past of 3s, and look towards the future.

We have plenty more coming down the pipeline so don’t take too long.

Sounded like an amazing gig! I can’t wait to see the DVD.


Good to see 3rd Strike back home in SoCal! Props Pherai and staff.

We were both on the same boat. Just DGAF it and make it up next time, bro!


<3 Team Fuck It =P haha

yo, Here are some of the shotsThat were taken from the night! Turned out pretty badass considering the lighting conditions. Good stuff. Sorry If you don’t find your own picture; its pretty freakin impossible to get a sharp shot when you’re moving your whole body while playing with a shutter speed of 1/6th of a second. but Bean, you are a freakin still monk when you play hahaha! Enjoy and I hope to see you all at the next RANBAT! (There are still a few more pictures to come)

BTW, If you’re gonna use my photos for whatever reason, at least give me photo-credibility. Thanks!

(If you need a higher resolution of any photos for a blog or whatever, just PM me and i’ll send it to you with a small water mark off to the side)

ah, nice photos! from what i can tell, i think you could have afforded to crank up the iso and widen the aperture a bit to reduce motion blur…other than that, the lighting worked out great :slight_smile:

Sick photos! I definitely like!

Awesome pics. This needs to be in poster size.

hahah naw, my camera is too old to be boosting ISO; 800 is the max for my 20d that I’ll ever go. and I was shooting my lens wide open at f/2.8 haha. If I ever upgrade my 6 year old camera body, It will be sharper guarantee haha

Thank you Thank you. Your compliments are very much appreciated!

awesome pics! hope you can take more pics of denjin tournies in the future!