Fight for the Future @ Albuquerque Comic Expo Results

Tekken 6

  1. Saeng (CO)
  2. Garrett (ABQ NM)
  3. JWonggg (CA)
  4. Heart Less (Farmington NM)
  5. Ghost Dog (CO)
  6. Big D (CO)
  7. Elijah (ABQ NM)
  8. Shawn (ABQ NM)

Mortal Kombat

  1. Jwonggg (CA)
  2. Choke King (El Paso TX)
  3. Black Mamba (ABQ NM)
  4. Iron Ninja (Los Lunas)
  5. Byron (Espinola NM)
  6. Sko (CO)
  7. Blke (Texas)
  8. Zman (ABQ NM)
  9. TonyRomo (CO)
  10. Johnny Walker (ABQ NM)
  11. Red Beard (Texas)
  12. Mark D (CO)
  13. Sean (Los Lunas)
  14. J Mckenna (ABQ NM)
  15. StikFiga (CO)
  16. Darrin (Espinola NM)
  17. Christopher G (Espinola NM)
  18. Remy (Los Lunas NM)
  19. DRYD (Texas)
  20. DancingFighterG (CO)
  21. Michelle (ABQ NM)
  22. Hydro (CO)
  23. Charbon (CO)
  24. Carlos S (ABQ NM)
  25. Dylan (ABQ NM)
  26. Hoff (Texas)

Super Street Fighter IV AE

  1. Jwonggg (CA)
  2. 72B (CO)
  3. Iron Ninja (Los Lunas NM)
  4. Sun City King (El Paso TX)
  5. Slip (Santa Fe NM)
  6. Garrett (ABQ NM)
  7. Knot (Santa Fe NM)
  8. Benchi (CO)
  9. Frisbee (ABQ NM)
  10. Eric (El Paso TX)
  11. RTJ Recon (CO)
  12. Black Mamba (ABQ NM)
  13. Big Mommas House (ABQ NM)
  14. Sean (Los Lunas)
  15. Galatic AE (ABQ NM)
  16. Bone Break (ABQ NM)
  17. Dylan (ABQ NM)
  18. Zal (ABQ NM)
  19. Remy (Los Lunas)
  20. StikFiga (CO)
  21. Zman (ABQ NM)
  22. Nichole (ABQ NM)
  23. Eric Nelson (ABQ NM)
  24. Johnny Walker (ABQ NM)
  25. Nick (ABQ NM)
  26. Sko (CO)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Pool A

Winner - Jwonggg (CA)
Losers - Smiles (CO)
03. Big D (CO)
04. StikFiga (CO)
05. King Low tier (CO)
05. Kyne (Phoenix AZ)
07. RTJ Recon (CO)
07. SKO (Phoenix AZ)
09. Pat (ABQ NM)
09. Choke King (El Paso TX)
09. Spiteful (Phoenix AZ)
09. Jason Chavez (ABQ NM)
13. KillaKam (Farmington NM)
13. Thomas Snider (ABQ NM)
13. Danny Devito (ABQ NM)
13. Darrin (Espinola NM)
17. Surashu (ABQ NM)
17. Derrick (Santa Fe)
17. Garrett (ABQ NM)
17. Austin B (Las Cruces NM)
17. David Sherman (Farmington NM)
17. Remy (Los Lunas NM)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Pool B

Winners - SexyMike (CO)
Loser - YangFuShang (CO)
03. Black Mamba (ABQ NM)
04. Sun City King (El Paso TX)
05. Handsome Tim (CO)
05. MikeJonesJackson (El Paso TX)
07. C. Bison (Phoenix AZ)
07. Saeng (CO)
09. Zal (ABQ NM)
09. Mark D (CO)
09. Big Mommas House (ABQ NM)
09. Sam (ABQ NM)
13. Ghost Dog (CO)
13. Heart Less (Farmington NM)
13. Knot (Santa FE)
13. Belmont (ABQ NM)
17. Lex (ABQ NM)
17. BoneBreak (ABQ NM)
17. Niko (ABQ NM)
17. Nick (ABQ NM)
17. Byron (Espinola NM)
17. Montoya (ABQ NM)
17. Ben (ABQ NM)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Top 4 Final Results

  1. JWonggg (CA)
  2. YangFuShang (CO)
  3. SexyMike (CO)
  4. Smilez (CO)

Thanks for coming out everybody!
Everything that was recorded will be posted ASAP.

I was told by the Nebraska crew in their 3rd strike hay day that Justin Wong was a legit competitor, so I didn’t doubt that because they were so critical of other top players at the time. But I didn’t truly know what kind of competitor he was until after the event. We all ate pizza together and joked like we were old friends, then Justin proceed to buy shots for the same people that were rooting against him for the majority of the day. Jwong seemed to understand that we didn’t want him to lose but we DEFINITELY wanted our guy to win.


HATS OFF TO JUSTIN, you have earned my respect and I look forward to playing you again.