Fight game commentary

while watching the ssf4AE evo finals trailer i had this thought. watching a live stream and hearing the commentary being said while you watch i truly an amazing thing. it adds to the atmosphere and the hype of the match. then i wondered, that the video was well done, it would have made for a great ssf4AE ad.
but then i wondered if capcom would pay members of the community for work produced by them to be used in marketing. and that got me thinking that, wouldn’t it be cool to actually hear the likes of seth killian, james chen, skisonic and rest of the usual commentators giving running commentary in your match?
it would be difficult to do i am sure, but think about how much satisfying that would be than hearing the usual dull announers we usually get.
anyway, if you think its a good idea, who would you like to see doing your commentary.


is that a person? not to familiar with all the commentators that usually lend their voices to tournaments.

I prefer the “dull” commentary. The matches themselves get me hype.It is funny listening to Chris Hu though. He is so calm, and yet talks so much mess.It’s hilarious.