Fight Habits?

Cheesers, quitters, mashers, timers, etc…
Everyone has their fighting quirks that either give them an advantage, puts them in a bad spot, or just makes them suck.

So what habits do you have that hurt or help you?

I have the habit of backing off from my opponent, usually after a set of combos.
I was rule me and some friends had when we use to play together on the Marvel VS games.
It was our way of making the game fair and more enjoyable.

However, we don’t have that kind of chivalry on XBOX LIVE, and it’s been really messing me up.

I get trigger happy when I’m losing/health bar is low. I just start hitting buttons and lose focus. Sometimes I’ve taken an opponent down doing that but its 1 outta 10 fights.

Throwing a Shoouken on Zangief to cheap kill him at 1%. I then realize, he’s Zangief.

i have a knack of being too agressive with sagat. then after the first round of being agressive and learning my lesson, i sit and watch what they do and capitalize on their mistakes as well as do alot of blocking up close

I tend to mess around the first round, just because and lose focus. I guess it’s my time to mess around. If I lose the first round, then I pony up. Guess it’s a bad strategy.

Gauging your opponents technique before you fight seriously? Nice.

Apparently, rapidly pressing lp or lk to prevent tick throws (or even throws of an opponent who approaches me as I’m waking up) is a bad habit. Like Ivan Drago, I must break it, and start using the throw escape command more.

But that’s not as bad as my habit of unleashing Rog’s ultra on Zangief. There’s nothing like seeing “little” ol’ Lariat take out the big bad ultra.

I never focus dash back

Whenever I’m against Blanka I tend to start off immediately by charging a focus attack because so many of them instantly slide.

I have a bad habit of throwing fireballs too close and getting punished by jump ins, but working on that and it’s paying off.

I tend to charge in and try and annihilate my opponent when I have a health lead, as opposed to sitting back and letting him come to me

When I see the titles players give themselves, I try to guess who they are most likely to select, then pick the appropriate character to fight with.

I don’t always get it right, but it works.

I notice some of the best players use titles that downplay their ability. Kinda like baiting.

Execution needs work

I tend to mash combos, which results in missed opportunities or bad mistakes that get punished. I also get too impetuous which results in me getting surprised by random acts.