Fight Hookups NYC

Hey everyone didn’t see a thread like this so here goes

I was thinking all the NYC players can post their general neighborhood, games they want to play, maybe systems you want to play on for stick reasons or whatever, and anything else you want to post. Later players can message each other for specifics if they want to play.

Kingsbridge (Bronx)
SF4 but I want to get into SF3 so any one good there would really help. Also, Blazblue but I don’t love it
Stick for 360 but I don’t need it
Can go any where in Bronx or Manhattan


try and play and CTF once/2x a week
use Balrog as a main

also on XBL

Flushing (Brooklyn)
i play just about every fighting game out there. not very well bout im trying to get better. my mains are Melty Blood, Arcana Heart 2, & Fate/Unlimited Codes, but i play just every game out there. i play mostly on PS2, & have a may flash universal stick. can go anywhere from brooklyn to manhattan.

How many sticks do you have for your 360? I’m pretty close to where you live.

Allerton/Pelham Parkway (Bronx)
SF4 (Any version)
My stick is dual-modded so it doesn’t matter what console
I can go anywhere public transit can take me, but I’d prefer some Bronx SF4 sessions.

Just retitle the thread for the Bronx/Harlem. I know you uptown guys don’t like to come to BK. =)

I didn’t make it just for us, more of like a database for everyone in NYC to organize get console play. I can make it to Manhattan and I’m in Queens alot so I can message some people from anywhere for that.

Kingsbridge? you’re pretty close. BX 26 bus ride for me from Allerton/Eastchester

I am in Astoria. Pretty close to the train though for travel purposes.

Financial District
Two TE sticks for 360

I usually stop by CF once a week.

Ctf usually every friday/sat.
1 ps3 stick. . but ps3 recently broke…bluray drive completely fried.

flatbush brooklyn
ctf on weekends if i feel like it ps3 or xbox

^ wat part of flatbush.

i might hold weekly locals at my crib (ps3) for the heads around here.

Only one HRAPEX

Sorry guys I can’t host for a few reasons, but I can come to anyone’s house. Any Bronx people volunteer?


i live on lafayette right by CF, i have a stick for xbox360 but no system, so obv you’d have to have one (or 2 ps3 sticks) but i’m willing to travel.

Hey Bronx people…im trying to set up a meet up between all us street fighter heads. Maybe meet up one night, hang out and chill, and grab a few beers(monday night football at wild wings anyone?)
I think it would be cool to get to know each other and really expand the sf scene in the Bronx. Right now its me and two of my really good friends who play all the time. I wanna get some more people included, to not only help get my skills up, but hopefully yours too.
Im located near Gun Hill and Eastchester Rd. We usually play on the ps3, so i hope thats not a problem. If anyone is interested send me a PM or hit me up on AIM: triiphazard. Also anyone from New Roc, lower Westchester, or anywhere in NYC wanna get in on this please get into contact

I am down to travel from the bx to the bx. we can shoot the s*** wherever but i think CTF is a good meeting point. I am Allerton and Gun Hill…oh i hate the 5 train to BBridge/CTF

I’d be down for whatever. Anywhere around th bx or ctf is fine with me. I’m too young to drink at a bar but I can definitely chill with you guys if you do

i was going to be at ctf tomorrow , wed sept 2, say 3-4 ish

I was there earlier today so I don’t know. If I go I’ll be playing either SF4 or SF3. Can you message me your phone number so if I can go we can meet outside. If we do play be warned that I just started playing SF3 so I’m pretty horrible